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I recently had a talk with a homie as he was stoked about an upcoming date and asked him “Does she know you collect toys?” and he froze like a popsicle. He didn’t know how she would feel about it, but then I thought you know almost ALL my homies play or collect toys of some sort. You go to stores like In4mation, Leilow, Crooks&Castles and they got toys displayed and for sale. So how come its thought of as not a good thing and yet a lot of people do it? I’ll never know. Remember when the 40 year old virgin was making loot selling them on ebay and then his coworker was all “We gonna get some toys!”. On the real if you collect toys and you still can’t get a girl the toys aint the problem. It’s your game! Nah just playing but girls dig toys too…..GET YO MIND OUT THE GUTTER!

So I was trying to catch up on the newest Toy Break edition as Kano was on the show with Sket One. Now there’s always a Blind Box time on Toy Break and they pull out some Disney Vinylmations from the Alice in Wonderland set and Kano puts my homie Palmetto on BLAST when talking about who collects these things. CLASSIC! I laughed hella hard. On the real I got a few Vinylmations myself, but only because they are super dope like Rafiki. Have a little toy break. Kano is funny too! Ya Heard!

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