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Pics I took. My camera aint dope, but I am! HA! Here’s what I shot while saying whattup to the homies! I think this is Wednesday

Aaron De La Cruz & Sam

123 Klan

Flying Fortress & Slick

Slick & Flying Fortress


Prime, Slick, and the elephant!

Trek6 “Ua mauuuuuuuuuuu”

Bam & Trek6



Estria & Prime




Dmize & Look



Angry Woebots picking mangos (how’s the new stickers!)

Mr. Jago and the Camobot! (old school toy heads would know whattup! Way before Dunnys even existed!)

I never thought I would actually see this team working in person EVER! Mr. Jago & Will Barras

Peap Tarr loves laulau

Smashing walls

Suitman stealing signs and wheatpasting photos

Even though my name grafitti written on yo kitten!

Tag team! Back again! John Hook is so cool he got his face on the Pow Wow wall twice! MEAN!

This is just progress shots. Not even close to pau. Go check um out for yourself. No wait for hipster blogs with nice expensive SLR camera shots or instagrams on your facebook. Experience art for yourself!

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