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Monthly Archives: March 2012

A little rant before my real post. I’m not against the new forms of blogging (Instagram,Posterous,maybe a little grudge with Tumblr), but I have a HUGE gripe about people just REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLE’S COOL SHIET! Granted I do it all the time with my toy posts or whatever, but at least I put my personal perspective on why I like it or some bullcrap. Fools just click that share button and think their finger is on the pulse without any thought behind it. Ever look at someone’s post and all you see is hundreds of “So and so reblogged this”? It just shows people are uncreative and have no imagination! To those people I say “YOU SUCK!”.

Now I am not against sharing information or even posts from other blogs, just make it your own rather than the copy and paste steeze the hipsters be on. Here’s an example.

I seen this the last time I was at Zippy’s. Zippyʻs helping the Hawaii Red Cross raise money to help them do their mission with the Kokua Pac promotion where HRC gets $.25 for each Kokua Pac sold. Zippyʻs also doing that $1 donation for a sign that shows you care. Kudos to Zippy’s for the support (double kudos for making it two months long even thought Red Cross Month is only one month long), but I thought why do they make a bento deviation and just use the original Zip Pac. They swapped teri beef and deep fried fish for a hot dog and portagee SAUSAGE, eh… wouldn’t make me not order a regular zip pac, but the swap from regular chicken to Korean fried chicken is a great move (and actually caught my attention). The overall combo looks like a champ, but why you gotta not put furukaki on the rice? I understand food costs and price points but REALLY? I felt bad that I didn’t get one last time and ordered roast turkey (I’m a fool for stuffing!), but thinking about getting one tonight. Then I thought maybe I should get whatever I really want (depending on the daily specials I guess) and just give the Hawaii Red Cross a dollar. More kokua for them, happy ‘ōpū, and extra brownie points. Word.

Seriously, please help out the Hawaii Red Cross. If you ever need them they would gladly help you, just be thankful you have them and pay it forward.


Now I donʻt even remember if I went to last yearʻs Kawaii Kon, I remember GOING TO THIS ONE, but this weekend Kawaii Kon makes a return. Yeah itʻs an ANIME con and not a true COMIC BOOK con, but unfortunately I canʻt make it to WonderCon in Anaheim this year (same weekend too) so I gotta settle for Kawaii Kon. I didn’t know what to expect as there wasnʻt that much I was looking forward to. They had only one illustrator and a buttload of voice actors. Now Iʻm not saying voice-overs aren’t important, but most famous voice actors are famous ACTORS who ACT! Blue Power Ranger aside, I can’t understand why they go apeshit for the voice guy. The pencil guy or tracer is MORE IMPORTANT don’t you think? Anywho here’s my con experience that costed me $26 (at least hook it up with a swag bag or something! Fail!).

Biggest thing I wanted to see was the Street Fighter IV contest. Hawaii Video Gaming League was running it. Too bad it was at night when I was going to be watching Kamehameha Song Contest.

Fools all kick in like Shinobi, on Sega Genesis!

Sailor Moon and his friends smashing Rock Band

Decided to check out the Dealer’s Room. This is where vendors sell stuff that they bought online at wholesale and jack up the prices to kids who don’t know how to find a deal. Kinda scary the crap they sell to people that may be crazy enough to use them. Potential crime scene evidence. Let’s pray it isn’t.

This is for Mark you Naruto loving fool. I still don’t get it.

I almost bought this Hello Kitty hat. I was gonna post pics of me wearing it, but then I said no cus I ain’t Otaku enough. Bad enough I’m Sexy size and wore a backpack and shorts. Otaku hipster? I got the dress code down, next stop COSPLAY! NOT!

Here’s some hats I would never buy. Google it.

These people were webcasting. Then they interview this guy and the male host (who looks haole) says “OH YOU GAY-RYU!!!!” and I lost it. I didn’t laugh cus he was gay, I laughed cus that host was ridiculous! Reminds me of this! hehehehehe OHHHH!

Here’s the Artist Alley. The difference between Dealer Room and Artist Alley is that this is suppose to have a degree of hand madeness or originality. I was surprised that people love buttons so much. There was at least 1000 different designs. There was several people offering sketches for $1 and $5 for the sketches to be inked. Imagine if graff writers charged a buck to hit up your blackbook.

Was thinking about if it would be worth the effort for KTC to get a Lightsleepers booth at the Kon (at least I would get a free pass, but then I would have to man the booth…, and I gotta say I’m not sure how it would do. There’s been a few companies that have been doing there thing at Kawaii Kon that is more oriented to the Cosplay keikis. I’ve been a fan of Super Good’s stickers ever since I seen their stuff at Split Obsession back in Koko Marina. Check out their website at Now I gotta find my stickers. I know I got that gravy carton somewhere.

Now I appreciate anyone in Hawai’i making comics. Nemu*nemu has been been doing online comics since 2006. A little on the cutesy side, but they got their merch game on lock.

GORDON RIDER IN THE HOUSE! Jon Murakami, Gordon Rider, and Kevin Sano. Keven did a special Kon edition cover for Gordon Rider #6 (edition of 50 copies). Gordon himself wrote this issue. Go cop an issue.

Don’t forget to like Gordon Rider on Facebook

Now what suppose to be the best part of any con is the cosplay. Unfortunately I went on a business day in the middle of Spring Break and guess what? Can’t take any pics cus don’t want the pervs getting hot and bothered by the under aged keikis! It’s a trap! But on the real most cosplayers here need some tips from the cosplayers in the States or Japan. The lolita people seem to be the only ones on point, but they weren’t legal so they actually would BE lolitas? Oh boy. Cosplay time.

They brought their own backdrop!

One day I will actually own this costume (I hope they have my size!).

Photo time for the kids. They had lots of people dressed up, but I don’t think most of them deserved a pic. Not even this motley crue!

Charmander cosplaying as Slash

Chris thought his un-raspberry beret would make his costume of a french guy complete, but a popolo guy walked up to us, pointed at him and screamed “I FOUND WALDO!!!”. Self esteem powerbomb.

Other than this Totoro costume I didn’t take a pic of, this guy had the best costume. Sesshomaru from InuYasha (I like InuYasha, not super hardcore but demons and jewel shards is a dope concept!).

There you have it, Kawaii-Kon 2012. Maybe you can save your $26 now? Or maybe its $26 well spent. Perspectives.

Celebrate St. Pattyʻs Day in Mililani Mauka before you go to the block party



More info here at

Here’s a quicky. Sorry for the late post. The Do-Over crew made a return stop to Honolulu for the Lei Over. Last time Dam Funk rocked the spot, someone proposed to a girl, and the party was nice. It rained but still rocked. This year the day started raining but when gametime started it dried up and the party was nice again. Fresh Cafe parking lot bumped, good smelling bbq, sangrias flowed, and the jam was FREE! Word!

This year’s special guests were Rhettmatic & Cosmo Baker. Now Rhett always rocks the spot and knows whattup with his experience as a Visionarie/Beat Junkie crewmember, Lei Over no different. The parking lot went from maybe two people bobbing to everyone itching to dance but shame cus everyone was wallflowering and no place to blend in or hide. Girls wanted to shake their booties, and guys wanted to hold those shaking booties! hahaha.

Now Rhett was bumping dope tracks so hard that it vibrated the apartment building five blocks away. An old lady in the building felt the vibes, got super horny, and begged her husband to shake the sheets. He ran out of Viagra and didn’t want to be bothered. He jumped on his bicycle, put on his helmet with a rear view mirror, and pedaled to Fresh Cafe to cockblock everyone. He called the popo’s couple times. Most of the times they were cool, but this last time I guess they had a shift change and the same cop that tickets the food trucks came here to shut the party down (nah but that would suck right). Cops did come and they revoked the noise permit. Thinking quickly the Do Over & Redbull squad jumped into action, pulled the sounds inside and the party continued (a little softer though). Here’s Vezzen after he yelled “Play that Dilla joint!”.
Cosmo Baker rocked the spot after Rhett. Didn’t get no pics cus I had too much fun hanging out with the homies. Seriously everyone who was able to come out tried to stop by. Even the fools that had their OWN parties to spin. Parties are always better with your homies!

Speaking of partying with homies DJ Jimmy Taco closed the night right. He had mad people dancing in Fresh Cafe. Although we didn’t get to see Aloe Blacc rap or Gaslamp Killer spin or Kreayshawn (I don’t wanna see her, but if she showed up I wanna see her do Gucci gucci live….makes me miss UH Wahine Volleyball) or Tokimonsta (hint hint) it was a good party. Can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s everyone being a wallflower. Shame! hahaha