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Here’s a quicky. Sorry for the late post. The Do-Over crew made a return stop to Honolulu for the Lei Over. Last time Dam Funk rocked the spot, someone proposed to a girl, and the party was nice. It rained but still rocked. This year the day started raining but when gametime started it dried up and the party was nice again. Fresh Cafe parking lot bumped, good smelling bbq, sangrias flowed, and the jam was FREE! Word!

This year’s special guests were Rhettmatic & Cosmo Baker. Now Rhett always rocks the spot and knows whattup with his experience as a Visionarie/Beat Junkie crewmember, Lei Over no different. The parking lot went from maybe two people bobbing to everyone itching to dance but shame cus everyone was wallflowering and no place to blend in or hide. Girls wanted to shake their booties, and guys wanted to hold those shaking booties! hahaha.

Now Rhett was bumping dope tracks so hard that it vibrated the apartment building five blocks away. An old lady in the building felt the vibes, got super horny, and begged her husband to shake the sheets. He ran out of Viagra and didn’t want to be bothered. He jumped on his bicycle, put on his helmet with a rear view mirror, and pedaled to Fresh Cafe to cockblock everyone. He called the popo’s couple times. Most of the times they were cool, but this last time I guess they had a shift change and the same cop that tickets the food trucks came here to shut the party down (nah but that would suck right). Cops did come and they revoked the noise permit. Thinking quickly the Do Over & Redbull squad jumped into action, pulled the sounds inside and the party continued (a little softer though). Here’s Vezzen after he yelled “Play that Dilla joint!”.
Cosmo Baker rocked the spot after Rhett. Didn’t get no pics cus I had too much fun hanging out with the homies. Seriously everyone who was able to come out tried to stop by. Even the fools that had their OWN parties to spin. Parties are always better with your homies!

Speaking of partying with homies DJ Jimmy Taco closed the night right. He had mad people dancing in Fresh Cafe. Although we didn’t get to see Aloe Blacc rap or Gaslamp Killer spin or Kreayshawn (I don’t wanna see her, but if she showed up I wanna see her do Gucci gucci live….makes me miss UH Wahine Volleyball) or Tokimonsta (hint hint) it was a good party. Can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s everyone being a wallflower. Shame! hahaha