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A little rant before my real post. I’m not against the new forms of blogging (Instagram,Posterous,maybe a little grudge with Tumblr), but I have a HUGE gripe about people just REPOSTING OTHER PEOPLE’S COOL SHIET! Granted I do it all the time with my toy posts or whatever, but at least I put my personal perspective on why I like it or some bullcrap. Fools just click that share button and think their finger is on the pulse without any thought behind it. Ever look at someone’s post and all you see is hundreds of “So and so reblogged this”? It just shows people are uncreative and have no imagination! To those people I say “YOU SUCK!”.

Now I am not against sharing information or even posts from other blogs, just make it your own rather than the copy and paste steeze the hipsters be on. Here’s an example.

I seen this the last time I was at Zippy’s. Zippyʻs helping the Hawaii Red Cross raise money to help them do their mission with the Kokua Pac promotion where HRC gets $.25 for each Kokua Pac sold. Zippyʻs also doing that $1 donation for a sign that shows you care. Kudos to Zippy’s for the support (double kudos for making it two months long even thought Red Cross Month is only one month long), but I thought why do they make a bento deviation and just use the original Zip Pac. They swapped teri beef and deep fried fish for a hot dog and portagee SAUSAGE, eh… wouldn’t make me not order a regular zip pac, but the swap from regular chicken to Korean fried chicken is a great move (and actually caught my attention). The overall combo looks like a champ, but why you gotta not put furukaki on the rice? I understand food costs and price points but REALLY? I felt bad that I didn’t get one last time and ordered roast turkey (I’m a fool for stuffing!), but thinking about getting one tonight. Then I thought maybe I should get whatever I really want (depending on the daily specials I guess) and just give the Hawaii Red Cross a dollar. More kokua for them, happy ‘ōpū, and extra brownie points. Word.

Seriously, please help out the Hawaii Red Cross. If you ever need them they would gladly help you, just be thankful you have them and pay it forward.