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Monthly Archives: August 2012

So I’m trying to reestablish my Wall Rat status with a vengeance and seen Duke’s OceanFest going on for a few days now. I was always curious as to what goes down. Every now and then the horns for the surf heats and I’d crack a joke about dropping in on people’s waves to make points. Well today was a weird day for me at Walls. First, no waves, sucky. Second, no people, makes sense no waves. Now the second reason I go bodyboarding is to get my fitness on. Thinking about the lack of waves equaling the lack of paddling out for me made me realize I had to get some distance paddling on or something. And then it appeared…….a red buoy. Watermen were pulling it out to get ready for the day’s surf contest. I had a target and I was gonna go. Duke’s has some small waves (better than where I was) so that was motivation enough. Off I went.

I arrived and seen a few guys riding this. Turns out to be adaptive surfing. I asked one guy what the sport was and then he told me it was adaptive surfing but he calls it “buttboarding”. Then he told me he’s paralyzed and rocked the life vest cus he can’t tread water, but he normally surfs Trestles! Say what? Shout out to the Carlsbad native (almost SD, Legoland and In-n-Out). Big ups to Access Surf for hosting the contest. I might be there tomorrow too and catch the finals.

When they kicked everyone out to start the heats one waterman asked if I wanted a tow to Walls. I thought about it but I need to drop pounds so I said thanks but I’ll paddle back. Maybe tomorrow I tow it!

more info on Duke’s OceanFest at


If you read HERE Ekundayo got his frist 1xRUN print. But trying to figure out who the 1XRUN head honchos were (they did do them huge Buffmonster prints too) I found this video. Makes me happy on several levels. Ekundayo painted the sick Jaguar/Owls mural, he painted it in Kapahulu across the street from my parents’ church, I was THERE, blocks away from my childhood home (BROWKAW ST.!), and check out the shirts he rocking in the video! GYEAH! It sucks that the new owners buffed this wall but at least it lived on Kapahulu Ave. for a while!