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Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’m a huge Jersey Shore fan. No joke. I don’t care if you know I like Jersey Shore. I love it. MTV started posting those commercials with clips featuring that Boyz II Men song and I started to get a little sad. Why do I like it so much? Maybe its the fact that I get to see people do crazy things I would never do. Who the hell gets smashed every night at the club. Who brings home two girls at night to smoosh? Who gets to work at a tshirt shop? (Wait did I work at a tshirt shop? Wasn’t no iron-on joint but there were buttloads of tshirts. Dang I gotta get my gym going and get buff!) Who bangs their roommate just cus they’re horny and nobody else flinches (wait that’s a Hawai’i thing too…). Come to think of it them Jersey Shore fools share many similarities with mokes and hipsters here at home as well. Maybe that’s why I like it? Maybe no fistpumping in the 808 but there’s a growing number of EDM fans and the fact that locals demonstrated the lack of knowledge on how to freak during a booty song shows Hawai’i dance skills are slacking. One last hurrah at Seaside Heights. Yeah I’ll be watching for sure.