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Monthly Archives: October 2012

So the Chicago homies Rotofugi is hosting the Beast Bro’s show Lucha Libre this month. They got down with some dope toy customs.

They also invited a few of their friends including J*RYU, Scribe & Alisa Ross, Angry Woebots, and more. If you in the Windy City check it out.

For more about the show and a link to the online gallery (pieces available for purchase) check out Rotofugi’s page



My first interaction with Kid Koala was geeking out to his artwork from either Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Some of My Best Friends Are DJs. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan of his art, maybe a little more than his music (which I still love), but don’t sleep on his dj skills! The first show I seen him play at Next Door he did this illustrated communication thing with the crowd. I asked for his sketches and I think I still have them in my room somewhere. Well Koala got a new project called 12 bit Blues. The thing that gets me stoked is that the LP/CD comes with a hand powered record player. SICK!

That’s is some creative ish indeed! Here’s some tracks from the album.

If you wanna cop it visit

Creative mofo indeed! Chee!