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Kawaii-Kon is happening this weekend. I’m not that stoked but it has its highlights. Sometimes the cosplay is dope. Sometimes the women are real. HAHAHA! Just joking. The real reason I like to go is because there are small glimmers of hope and real artistic talent. I usually look forward to new Pineapple Man, Nemu*nemu, and Gordon Rider comic books or ashcans. Well I talked to Jon J. Murakami about his Gordon Rider and he tells me not this con. He got a new series called Ara-Rangers. I remember seeing them a few times at the now defunct Mechahawaii whiteboard (Livicated!). Well its initial issue is releasing at Kawaii Kon today through Sunday. Stop by Jon’s booth in the Artist Alley (Table 55). Comes with free arare! CHEE! Support Hawaii artists!
(Sidenote: *Joe Moore voice* Finally tonight, did you ever notice that the first handful of mochi crunch is super ‘ono and your last one doesn’t taste as good as the first one?)

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