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Kawaii-Kon is happening this weekend. I’m not that stoked but it has its highlights. Sometimes the cosplay is dope. Sometimes the women are real. HAHAHA! Just joking. The real reason I like to go is because there are small glimmers of hope and real artistic talent. I usually look forward to new Pineapple Man, Nemu*nemu, and Gordon Rider comic books or ashcans. Well I talked to Jon J. Murakami about his Gordon Rider and he tells me not this con. He got a new series called Ara-Rangers. I remember seeing them a few times at the now defunct Mechahawaii whiteboard (Livicated!). Well its initial issue is releasing at Kawaii Kon today through Sunday. Stop by Jon’s booth in the Artist Alley (Table 55). Comes with free arare! CHEE! Support Hawaii artists!
(Sidenote: *Joe Moore voice* Finally tonight, did you ever notice that the first handful of mochi crunch is super ‘ono and your last one doesn’t taste as good as the first one?)

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I have a strong dislike for tumblr and instagram bloggers cus they don’t do jack but take a pic or repost stolen stuff. Then I continued on my path of creating a house of learn-ed doctors and the result is two months of silence on here. Perspectives range from slacking to making moves, depending on what angle you look at it from. For me I never wanted to slack here, but I have. I logged in today and the layout changed again and I actually got lost. Refamiliarizing right now.

Back to the tumbling reference. When I was a kid I’d hate to walk to places but if there was grass I wouldn’t mind tumbling football field distances. I think I once tried to roll from one end of Kapi’olani Park to the other. Yeah I had dirt and grass on my clothes but I was moving! I thought it was slower than running, faster than walking, and fun like a mofo. Now relating to this….
Fact: I rarely wear hats, usually when I’m driving the circle island or north shore runs. This Kawasaki drip snapback isn’t a final goal (That’s still to come…..soon) in LS hatwear terms, but its still forward movement. I’m waiting for 5panels to drop (no leather straps, c’mon son don’t get gimmicky!). This hat makes me smile. Forward movement.

I am currently finishing a mock project proposal that for some reason of the big man upstairs may actually materialize into the project layout for a designer vinyl toy from scratch. I though I was just trying to finish some homework. Ends up I just started to help a homie realize a dream after getting burnt from a business. The steps you choose to take may lead sideways, but if you lean forward your path will reach the goal…it will just hook a little like a bowling ball. Let’s roll. I gotta buy me a bowling ball this year too.


So last night I was flipping channels……

Here’s evidence of me slacking. Note to self. They say finish strong, I say eh. Finish donkey!

So the other day me and @yogary was spending an hour in Toys R Us looking for a bunny and santa Lego blindbag minifigure and I was thinking about the Lego lineup. I was glad they finally did Marvel stuff after they had DC Batman & Superman Legos but they were missing the mark for me personally. I liked the Harry Potter line and the Star Wars will always be supreme but I could care less about half the stuff coming out. The Hobbit (which Iʻm a fan of) wasnʻt must have Legoness for me and the City stuff was slacking with cool construction trucks recently. Then I get an email today of these bad boys. Maybe thereʻs still hope 🙂
Now I donʻt watch the current cartoon rehash but I just might have to get the turtle figures themselves. Kudos to whoever licensed these bad boys! Hope they make mini bags like my new Batmobile I got from the Target Christmas section (I have more fun looking for Christmas items after Christmas when they marked down for sale fast!). Shredder gonna get you! CHEE! Happy 2013!



So I’ve been busy climbing the rungs of academia’s ladder and haven’t posted for a while. I thought once I got a few things out of the way I would keep this thing back on track. Wrong. Cluttered mind, cluttered room, cluttered computer. So while attempting to declutter my photo gallery I run across the last pics I took in Cali on my D-con trip earlier this month.  It’s a pic of a billboard in the same hood they filmed Friday After Next a few feet away from the Holy Moly Donut Shop. It’s Ron English’s Grin on a billboard. Now I’ve been a huge fan of Ron English for a while when he was making his own guerrilla tactics and hijacking billboards, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in person. I was tripping out because it was actually a legal billboard. I googled the hashtag to see what was up. Yeah I might be out of the loop on the Public Works initiative but its super dope. Watch the vids.

Now I wish I seen the How/Nosm one or the Insa. Maybe next time. Have a better pic



More info at

So the Chicago homies Rotofugi is hosting the Beast Bro’s show Lucha Libre this month. They got down with some dope toy customs.

They also invited a few of their friends including J*RYU, Scribe & Alisa Ross, Angry Woebots, and more. If you in the Windy City check it out.

For more about the show and a link to the online gallery (pieces available for purchase) check out Rotofugi’s page


My first interaction with Kid Koala was geeking out to his artwork from either Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Some of My Best Friends Are DJs. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan of his art, maybe a little more than his music (which I still love), but don’t sleep on his dj skills! The first show I seen him play at Next Door he did this illustrated communication thing with the crowd. I asked for his sketches and I think I still have them in my room somewhere. Well Koala got a new project called 12 bit Blues. The thing that gets me stoked is that the LP/CD comes with a hand powered record player. SICK!

That’s is some creative ish indeed! Here’s some tracks from the album.

If you wanna cop it visit

Creative mofo indeed! Chee!

I’m a huge Jersey Shore fan. No joke. I don’t care if you know I like Jersey Shore. I love it. MTV started posting those commercials with clips featuring that Boyz II Men song and I started to get a little sad. Why do I like it so much? Maybe its the fact that I get to see people do crazy things I would never do. Who the hell gets smashed every night at the club. Who brings home two girls at night to smoosh? Who gets to work at a tshirt shop? (Wait did I work at a tshirt shop? Wasn’t no iron-on joint but there were buttloads of tshirts. Dang I gotta get my gym going and get buff!) Who bangs their roommate just cus they’re horny and nobody else flinches (wait that’s a Hawai’i thing too…). Come to think of it them Jersey Shore fools share many similarities with mokes and hipsters here at home as well. Maybe that’s why I like it? Maybe no fistpumping in the 808 but there’s a growing number of EDM fans and the fact that locals demonstrated the lack of knowledge on how to freak during a booty song shows Hawai’i dance skills are slacking. One last hurrah at Seaside Heights. Yeah I’ll be watching for sure.

So I’m trying to reestablish my Wall Rat status with a vengeance and seen Duke’s OceanFest going on for a few days now. I was always curious as to what goes down. Every now and then the horns for the surf heats and I’d crack a joke about dropping in on people’s waves to make points. Well today was a weird day for me at Walls. First, no waves, sucky. Second, no people, makes sense no waves. Now the second reason I go bodyboarding is to get my fitness on. Thinking about the lack of waves equaling the lack of paddling out for me made me realize I had to get some distance paddling on or something. And then it appeared…….a red buoy. Watermen were pulling it out to get ready for the day’s surf contest. I had a target and I was gonna go. Duke’s has some small waves (better than where I was) so that was motivation enough. Off I went.

I arrived and seen a few guys riding this. Turns out to be adaptive surfing. I asked one guy what the sport was and then he told me it was adaptive surfing but he calls it “buttboarding”. Then he told me he’s paralyzed and rocked the life vest cus he can’t tread water, but he normally surfs Trestles! Say what? Shout out to the Carlsbad native (almost SD, Legoland and In-n-Out). Big ups to Access Surf for hosting the contest. I might be there tomorrow too and catch the finals.

When they kicked everyone out to start the heats one waterman asked if I wanted a tow to Walls. I thought about it but I need to drop pounds so I said thanks but I’ll paddle back. Maybe tomorrow I tow it!

more info on Duke’s OceanFest at

If you read HERE Ekundayo got his frist 1xRUN print. But trying to figure out who the 1XRUN head honchos were (they did do them huge Buffmonster prints too) I found this video. Makes me happy on several levels. Ekundayo painted the sick Jaguar/Owls mural, he painted it in Kapahulu across the street from my parents’ church, I was THERE, blocks away from my childhood home (BROWKAW ST.!), and check out the shirts he rocking in the video! GYEAH! It sucks that the new owners buffed this wall but at least it lived on Kapahulu Ave. for a while!