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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sorry I haven’t been on this in ages. Today’s the day I start correcting that problem……on with the show.



Here’s a picture of a shed i found in Fatsarazzi’s blog (if I had Tumblr it would be could just to repost and like this….in true Lofa form I downloaded to my desktop and uploaded to my blog….I still can’t stand Tumblr and the crappy bloggers it created!). Super dope set up. Turntables, toys, kicks, a couch, DOPE! I can see some crazy cyphers or some serious grinds from the bbq going down in a spot like this. Makes me think about how my office in Aiea will look like (NEXT BIG PROJECT FOR ME!). I stumbled on this blog as I was cleaning out my emails. Fatsarazzi is a cool cat I met at Island Snow when Stash and Futura were in Hawaii for one of their birthday party. Yeah I got both of them to hit up my blackbook (never took pictures) but my biggest memory from that day (besides bs-ing with the homies) was meeting Fats. I remembered how big the Stash/Futura entourage was and seeing Fatsarazzi taking flicks nonstop. We chopped it up after the event started and I remember he gave me his sticker. Being a huge sticker head I thought he was the man. The only other people with their own stickers at that event was Stash and Futura. For some reason I decided you weren’t nothing until you had your own legit sticker…..I still carry that sentiment today (ask me for a Lofa sticker if you want one). Well the years have passed and I never kept in touch with Fats…I did email him a year after the event, but lost contact with him since. I found that email today and decided to check out his blog. Found this spot. Seen he was doing great. Funny how one picture creates so much inspiration.

Check him out for yourself at

Now to do something with that inspiration…… room looks like a mess!