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Monthly Archives: July 2007

and you got no money for toys. How about some free ones then. My homie Shin Tanaka made a new line of Spikey Baby toys that are FREE to download. You just gotta pay with hard labor(they aint as hard to make as wallmans so go ahead). Just keep reclicking the open box link and it gives you different designs. Collect them all.


If you were lucky enough to be in San Diego this weekend then take a good look at your dollar bill. The people working on the next Batman movie entitled “The Dark Knight” decided to get shit pumping by putting Joker’s dollar bills in the mix of things. They are selling on eBay for $29. Wonder if you can buy them downtown at the coin spot where they sell Washington Dollar coins for 2 dollars? Flipping money to make MORE money. nice.

here’s a small trailer for The Dark Knight.

also check out for some games and more info about the movie. Heard you can win dope stuff. The Joker is gonna kick your ass!!!!

Here’s a pic of me and Kavet the Catalyst. Just to let you know MONDAY JULY 23 IS HIS BIRTHDAY! Come to the Shins concert at Pipeline and celebrate with him. Or buy him a New Era Hat. Size 7 5/8. Or some records for him to spin. Or give him some money. Or some transformers from Mechahawaii.

This is David Choe and his homie Harry. Met Dave a few times he’s been in Hawai’i(thanks Lucky and Timer) he does the sickest art and his whales kill. He even did a pair of slippers for THE SLIPPAH SHOW i did at Prototype.  He gets paid to do the craziest shit for no reason. Upper Playground and Vice mag sent his ass to the CONGO and paid for him to take a few pics and play drums and find the lost city of Zinge(you know this movie? First person to tell me gets a dollar and an MF DOOM sticker) Well he got SCION to give him a xB MONSTER TRUCK. And he also got them to sponsor him hitch hiking across the US. That is the funnies shit ive watched. well check out all the episodes of “THUMBS UP AMERICA” on this link below. And if Dave comes back buy him a beer and kick it with him. He’s the homie!
Thumbs Up America

PS. Dave and his brother are making PRINTS you can buy at The print in DeeJae’s Studio. Buy something dope like this!!!!

super crazy week. Shooting the Nomasterbacks video on Friday(yeah i missed Epicenter. But YOU didn’t want to give me a ride did you?) Then the Party and the NMB “At Your Door” album release concert on Saturday made it super hard for me to stay awake at work on Sunday. man i had fun. Big ups to Mars for hitting up the electrical box with me. And big ups to the writers that BOMBED that newspaper box. Wow.

have a pic of me in the Angry Woebots bear suit.

things you find while trying to find free music to download. Did find Meg & Dia’s “Monster”. I missed the NMB on the special ed of GenuineHI show last night but did catch that SICK Omega Cix KTUH drop. I only did a drop for the defunct Abstract Beat Workshop that Joan9 used to have on sunday nights. I wanna do another drop for KTUH. Almost everyone has a KTUH story. I got choke. Took over for Jus10 when KTC had alumni shows with Rhombus. Kicked it with Myka9, LA Symphony, Ceschi, David, Tommy V, and met Ab Rude while kicking it in the parking lot when i wasn’t down with ANYBODY in the scene but listened to Lightsleepers on KTUH. Drove around town with my hand holding my car antennae to boost the signal before driving home to Kahalu’u trying to get a signal to hear Bushwack Bill Clinton and Rapa Nui murder the 10:15 throwdown. Good times. Big ups to Jake the Snakesucka, Bone, MilBil, KTC, Joan9, Cookiehead, Sifu, Rhombus, and everyone who has, had or will have a show on KTUH. Who’s next?

Now i can’t skate for shit. I can roll and powerslide by accident, boardhop if i grab both sides Tom Green style. But that’s it. Never could olie. EVER. But im down for skate almost as much as im down for graff. Well while Blue Hawaii/eighty four was Kinging the Hill at Manana i decided to stand in line a few hours outside the new Elemet Waikiki store and get Bam to sign my copy of his 411 issue. The entire Urinal Cakes crew showed up. My homie Mike Rotch decided to get his jackass box set and jackass 2 signed by bam. I got some free stickers and an element poster and the new THIS IS MY ELELMENT DVD signed by Muska, Bam, Tosh, and Chris Senn. Im pissed that i didnt bring the mag with Bam’s wife in it. She was there and looks hotter in person. While i still dont have a digicam i found this online. And i actually in the shot. Mike Rotch’s DVD/VHS collection made the flicks too. And the ELEMENT BAGS are pretty dope. Got mine signed as well. Now if KTC can get DAEWON SONG down here i would be HELLA STOKED! enjoy this persons flicks. And get the DVD.
Element Waikiki Signing


And to that one guy trying to blend in the crowd and cut, that was funny that i pulled your card. You better have a homie holding your spot. Learn the rules of standing in line. Getting my skills ready for the next KICKS/HI sale!!!!! CAMPING EARLY!!!!!!!

by making free music for people to download. I like Kardi. But i can’t find his second album. But he keeps them mixtapes flowing. Here’s his latest one with CLINTON SPARKS???? Oh well. Download of his myspace page.


Yeah that’s my ass taking a photo of FatLip. Kicking it with Jonah the Whale, Riseup, and Silent Sir (rocking that Flip the Bird ANGRY WOEBOT shirt).

i read all them photo blogs cus i NEVER go out. Like to live vicariously through the lives of others. But the one day i get DRAGGED to go see FatLip and Omni i get gonged and it turns out to be a super dope show. Like the OneBeLow show at the wave you didnt go to.

Big ups to whoever does that DRYFCK site. check it out at

also check out SuperCW owns O’ahu. And don’t forget If you got a dope page let me know. email me at

Picked up a copy of Midweek to catch the Nomasterbacks interview read it here and i was stoked. Shout out to Melissa of Midweek for the article. But then i was bumbed when i seen the cover had KRUMPANY! Now first and formost THIS ISN’T A PERSONAL ATTACK ON KRUMPANY! You guys krump, that’s cool. BUT LOFA SAYS KRUMPING IS WACK! BREAKING IS WHERE IT’S AT! The level of skill needed to be a dope Krumper is WAY LOWER than what it takes to be a dope BBOY! And stop trying to make Bboys and real heads try to ACCEPT krumping. Krumping needs special music? GAY! Dope Bboys dance to anything and will blow your mind away. Go read the article. I bet there are Krumpers mad at that article too. Talking about breakers are cocky and like to taunt. Then when they battle breakers they got nerve to push a bboy and expect him to NOT KICK YOUR ASS???? oh i gotta stop for this blog goes hella long of me ranting. Point is Krumping is WACK! If you like it cool. But don’t try to make it similar to bboying. And no way is it taking the world by storm. How come every dance competition the bboys make the tv(BBOY IVAN in “So you think you can dance” for example) but the krumpers dont even make the cut? And nobody PAYS to learn krumping. alright i stop ranting.

This album gonna be ILL! Joe Dub and Factor. Take a listen here
go visit and pick up some good music. and that Ex Vandals album too! or even better go SEE Joe perform and buy the “Live in 75” from him personally. no forget the sharpie so he can sign um!

good hiphop makes everything better!