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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Are you ready????? You don’t even know. Rivers crew flying from Korea for this jam! SO DOPE!


every time i get on the internet there’s a list of things i usually check. In the first five minutes of browsing here’s what tickles my fancy.
I would NEVER ever think that Trip The Lights would go down in 2009. Maybe next year but TTL has returned, yeah on a thursday (busy battling at UNDIVIDED friday and Saturday). And i NEVER THOUGHT the lineup would be super dope with ELLAY KHULE, JOE DUB, NOCANDO, JUS JONES, AND JEL???????? word. Glad TTL has been MIA but always comes back with the dopest lineup…Visionaries…..Procussions……and now that line up. WORD!

BBoy Paco put half of Inertia 6’s battle on youtube. word. KTC footy soon posted with EVERY round I hope.
Stolen from Aloha Fixed Yeah Ryan I look at your site. Love/Hate. Love riding bikes. Hate bikes with no brakes. Love the Lightsleepers throwie in the pic. Hate that I havent been at that spot for a LONG time. Love that most of the fixie riders are the homies. HATE THEY SHOW UP FOR BIKE EVENTS AND MIA FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! BOOO! YOU STILL LOVE HIP HOP!!!!! Big ups and put some brakes on!

Well that’s all for now. With love, Lofa.

Memorial Day is more than just a holiday. Remember the ones who laid their life for your freedom. Thank the people serving RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait till they are gone to let the know they are appreciated. I can tell you right now I would panty out and never want to serve in the military. My pops was in the Air Force and served during the Korean War. He’s buried on a hill on the makai side of that lady at punchbowl. He was Hawaiian and served for America. I’m glad to be Hawaiian and American. America has it’s problems and yeah they stole the Hawaiian Kingdom but I don’t want sovereignty. Mahalos to the military. Tell them thanks! Pray for them!

Then go have fun and enjoy the holiday. Grill some steaks and hot dogs! Go beach! WORD!

This year’s Inertia 6 BBoy Battle was the best battle in a long time. The heads supported (even some parents). I gotta send my shout outs to all who made it possible. First thanks Jesus. Serious. HUGE BIG UPS TO GRACE BIBLE CHURCH! They’ve been helping me and KTC do Inertia for a few years now. Yeah they get all the money but hey its for the keikis. ME AND KAVET GET NOTHING! FYI I spent almost $200 with no chance to recoop crap. But daym I had hella fun and it’s money well spent. But this year was the best year set up/breakdown wise and any time you don’t gotta worry about a sound system or security(Pops! Clint! Homeboy on the floor!) or a door girl is winners! GBC! Second gotta thank my DJs Observ(he showed up! OLIVER WHERE YOU HIDING!), DJ ENJAY(sp?) for holding down the fort, and DJ Jus Jones for bringing the breaks and hooking me up with that funky nassau 45!
Special mahalos to Krazy for board duty and painting alongside my homies Rival, Reak, Biester, Hinano, Why, and Ohana.
(thanks Why for pics)
Thanks to all the sponsors. Redbull (thanks Rob), Xprmnt (Alert, Spel, DJ Skid), Chunk & Ape(Yeah Chunk!), The Starfish Guy (he gave away a painting! WORD!), Guttersnipe (my San Diego homies!), Mechahawaii(Sean), Aych Kay(Thnk), Natural Koncept (Katch1), Prolifik Projects(Micah), Redifine Designs(Lawrence), atypicalLIVING(MrJ.ALLDAY), SIQ, Fumanchu(Joey, Hachi), the Pocket Full Of Monsters, HONOZOOLOO, the Lightsleepers Ohana, Kavet the Catalyst (my PIC!*) and everyone who helped make this event possible.
Big ups to everyone that came, the people that entered the bboy and blackbook battles, everyone that bought something from the snack booth(all that goes to GBC youth camp too!), and everyone for keeping it possitive, not tagging the school, and having fun. And everyone that I forgot(i hope i didn’t…i get mad too when people forget me) thanks!

Till next May (or next time…maybe November?) the biggest mahalos!
With love, Lofa!

*see movie: Rolemodels

My homie Jason Shibata murdering the surf circuit in Japan. Read about it on Contrast Mag’s Blog
Yeah Mr. Aloha! He was in my sqad for ROTC in Kamehameha. Now he’s murdering sqads on the beach! Word!

Well last post of the weekend probably so please come through and start your weekend right! Live painting by Sneak, Rival, Ion, Bies, Ckaweeks, & Why. Blackbook battles. Buy the new Katch1 book from Aych Kay! Product booths by Prolifik, The Starfish Guy, & Lightsleepers. Food booth. A fundraiser for the GBC Youth Ministry. Come celebrate my birthday at one of Hawai’i’s best B-Boy Battles. Six years running strong! Don’t Sleep!

The new issue of Contrast Magazine has dropped. pick up a copy and enjoy the new Lightsleepers ad as well as articles about anykinekine NorthShore stuff and beyond. Make a Contrast Mycryptonaut (Big ups Aaron!) Drool over Matsumoto’s and Stortos. Pass the time away. And after Inertia 6 go party with the crew as they rock out at the Stussy store first

and then move the party over to the Loft

Big ups to Race, Lyle, Lance, Shibats, Mc5b, Zen, Cassie, Mark, and everyone else in the Contrast mag crew! Alicias fools!

Now Bucky and his boys have been murdering the Reggae music for a while. A true jack of all trades that guy. Paint. Surf. Bike. Run. Drum. Sing. Dreadlocks. Burrito eating. CHEEHU ing, you name it. Well after a long time the boys of All Natro finally got their cd pau and gonna party pipeline cafe tonight. Go check it out and buy one cd (no burn um you aholes!). Eh where’s my stickers hawaiian? Oh yeah the party gonna be mean. Ooklah the Moc gonna be there doing my favorite Ooklah song

Big ups! Go party! you know you like skank! Offishial Inertia 6 preparty!

My birthday celebrating don’t stop! Had a quick last minute paint session this morning at Palama Settlement (Thanks Prime! Thanks Youth Challenge!) Blockbusters all morning. Can’t wait for Inertia 6 Saturday!!!!!! Then I got online to see this video by Daves Action and KTC. DavesAction gonna paint at Inertia 6! Super Dope!

Palama pics soon come!

Well today is MY DAY! Thanks Jesus for three decades on earth. A quick look back to see the timeline. Somethings get better. Driving an xBox instead of rocking crappy cars or the bus. Something never change. Still love toys and stickers. But this latest decade has been the biggest rollercoaster ride thusfar. Thought teenage years was the tipping point. It wasn’t. So as my journey continues I decided to do a few things. Back in high school I always wanted to surf. Being a Kapahulu Wall Rat (not official but was there long enough that i should have been) I was a huge sponger and continued as I murdered Pounders and Makapu’u (I’m scared of Sandy’s….SHUT UP! STOP LAFFING!) Well I taught myself how to longboard (no can shortboard…9’0″ shortest i ride) but my boadyboard got kadhafi’ed by a neighbor who wanted to borrow it. So as a birthday present to myseld I bought a new Madrid board from my homie Mark Klein. Mark is one of the coolest haole guys I know, met him at my small group ohana. Well he’s the first guy I know with an actual board model named after him. I bought one and some fins and hit the water. I still got it. No rollos yet but I’ll be working on it all summer long. Here’s a pic of Mark doing it big!
Here’s a pic of my new ride!
So while I enjoy my vacation from jobs and get ready for bboy battles I’ll be dawn patroling! Let’s hear it for Summer!
and don’t forget to come to my birthday party! INERTIA 6!