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Monthly Archives: January 2010

No New Year’s Day to celebrate, No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away, No first of spring, No song to sing, In fact here’s just another ordinary day. No Pro Bowl in Hawaii. My 2 cents on the issue. As a Native Hawaiian it sucks. Pro Bowl brought lots of money to our economy. It also brought lots of events to enjoy. Practices at Ihilani. Festivals at Kapiolani Park. Aloha Tower block party. Word. But as for the game. WEAKSAUCE! I went once because my gramps from Wisconsin was in town and he grew up in Chicago before Common and Kanye and he’s hardcore Bears fan. Da Bears. Well the year I went Bears and Pats went Super Bowl and he was stoked to go Pro Bowl the week after with his favorite (and only) grandson and the fam. But the many years I’ve lived here I never cared about the game. Cool to see players in town and stuff but the game was always halfass in my opinion. I love NBA allstar game mid season. I only like home run derby at MLB allstar weekend. But Pro Bowl was about players in Hawaii. Not serious playing. Never made anything better or worse. This year in Florida a week before Superbowl. And guess what. Nobody cares. Crap nobody that really isn’t watching weekly and keeping up with scores playing over unders or fantasy even knew its going down this weekend. You know what reminded me….advertising from a local restaurant for preorder party food for the game. Well I want ProBowl to suck so when they bring back to Hawaii next year its gonna stay for good. As for pic. I was gonna say the players gonna miss seeing hot local girls and hula dancers. Then again there’s them caliente mamacitas in florida?


I wish people would just take furlough fridays and move on. But crap these kids go school and finish 1PM on tuesdays or something and we wonder why kids hella unmotivated, uneducated, disrespectful, and strait up hooligans. WE MADE THEM HOOLIGANS! I was a hooligan too! Well I digress. Let’s get some education since you keikis not in school. Imma learn you something. Today’s topic: Recycling.

I took the Tour De Trash tour yesterday presented by Mayor Mufi and C&C of Honolulu. First stop. Hilton Hawaiian Hotel. Here’s Chief (that’s a great alias. almost as good as Lofa. And he walk around Hilton everyone was “eh chief! Howzit chief! Kumusta Chief!” BOSS!) showing one of 13 kitchens on Hilton Hawaiian Village. They recycle the food scraps to make pig feed.

Buttloads of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans ready to leave the loading dock.

Hilton looks nice. My house gonna look like this. With some ultramans on the walls.

Hilton wanted to flex. So they took us to the executive suite. Penthouse. Mean. Check the crowd of geriatrics, hippies, yuppies, and two highschool students getting their learn on about workplace recycling.

Check da view

Kaisers is small. Glad I wasn’t in the water.

Checking Ala Moana Blvd traffic

Hilton hooking up the goods. Coffee, soda, water, and chocolate chip cookies. And a Hilton eco shopping bag. Woohoo for free swag!

Then the opala crew loaded us on a bus and headed to convention center where they recycle EVERYTHING including their broken chairs and metal stuff and donate all the food left over to local charities. Word.

After that we headed to Gyutaku restaurant. They recycle too.

This is where they brief the ronins and shoguns right before the ninjas crash through the windows and blades start swinging.

Gyutaku by Naoki. Respect.

For lunch i bagged on the group and headed to Sanoyas to save cash. HPD trying to make cash by catching speeders and jaywalking.

Next stop Young Laundry. They recycle their wire hangers when no can use no more. They use biodiesel to fuel their boilers. They use hot water collected from condensation. Mean. Back on the bus.

Last stop, Mufi’s office building. Never seen Mufi. They took us to the dungeon. No Outkast.

Ring de alarm! See the stuff you no see when they get christmas trees and decorations hiding them.

They hide all them decorations in here. Shaka Santa and the wife, Snowmens, the blocks, everything.

The city hides their print shop and the complaint department desk in the dungeon so you don’t print and you don’t complain. Also went to the Fasi Building across the yard. The city recycles everything they can. Did you know that the city wants you to throw away your phone books, magazines, shredded paper, and plastics grades 3 through 7 because they are more valuable as fuel to make electricity at HPower than to recycle? Makes me happy to toss mags. Also toss envelopes with or without plastic windows because the adhesive messes up the recycling process and lowers paper value. And did you know you can only recycle computer paper at them huge dumpsters at the schools but not in your blue bins at home? And you can’t recycle shredded paper because the small fibers are not worth anything?

Returned to the Hilton to get my car. A kukaburo. Sitting in the tree. Merry merry king of the bush is he.

Snappy the turtle

Snappys house

Was a eventful day learning how businesses recycle and save money and the environment at the same time. This is DJ Ou. He wants your vote. He also wanted to ban fireworks and make legal graffiti walls so they could get people to snitch on graff writers. First one to start the sign waving.

Dedicated to J.Blaze So Necessary and Candy Diaz cus they cupcake tweet so much.

Some reason I ended up in ‘Aina Haina. Who goes ‘Aina Haina? Only people that live there. Last time you was there had Showbiz or Chucky Cheeseseses. Well I love me red velvet cake. And Hokulani is my spot. But heard choke things about Cake Couture in ‘Aina Haina. I had to spock um.

This was pretty dope at the same time kinda waste time. They show all the cupcakes they make with the menu and the color squares is what flavors they get. I like the design and concept hella dope you win!

Here’s the waste. I’m smart as a mofo. And I eat with my eyes. If the bugga look good i buy um. Seen Red Velvet. Got Red Velvet. Never even seen the wall till I was cashing out. Eh. Maybe it’s for the haole people?

These joints suppose to be special or something because they was stuffed or something. I never try.

This guy is BOSS!

Verdict? I dunno. They make good cupcakes. They got parking. The got second location in Downtown. Red Velvet was good. They hook up the frosting indeed. But I kinda liked the cake from Hokulani better than Cake Couture’s cake. But I aint turning down a cupcake from Cake Couture if you buy me one. Was good. Big ups to them cupcake cats.

or ink. I’m telling you if you aint got drawing skills you aint got nothing. Remember when you had to be an actual photographer before them dope SLRs came out and even me with my shaky hands can be a paparazzi. Hachi hands for your viewing. Now go freeze frame and photoshop the letters so they say your company’s name and make a shirt while I go and take my two arms with my fists closed and make aligator chomping motions! CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!

PS. I used to do all my photoshop steez in kinkos with a copy machine and the free white tape dispenser and a pair of scissors. Flyers and posters for days! Had three kinko cards!

PPS. You can buy some of his designs from the FUMANCHU line online at the Aloha Army store

Read article here
Download it here or here

Thanks Matt. And Peekaboo Monster.

And while you downloading stuff go download DJ Jimmy Taco’s Mind Tactics show. This week he had DJ Packo do a mix for the Brother Ali show. Mean. Mind Tactics Page

Remember this? Yep. Well my homie Andy at got the latest scoops bout this movie. Live action. Hopefully gonna be better than GI Joe which it seems is so bad that I will never watch it? Then again I was hating on the new Star Trek movie and that was hella dope. Anywho back to the grill again! Star Blazers is americanized Space Battleship Yamato. Check out the poster for the movie

Looks dope. Look da Yamato.

The things you learn when checking Singapore blogs. I love Singapore. Dope cheap food. Cheap kicks. Hot chicks. Mean. Sentosa Island! That’s what’s up. Thanks Andy! Check his info bout Space Battleship Yamato here

oh yeah. a lil vid vid.

My tv no more digital cus on the real no need but I do wish had that on screen tv guide thing. I stuck having to go channel 12 and see the scoops scrolling up the screen. First time I seen “Pit Boss” on the guide thought the show was about casino managers like that old American Casino (anybody actually went to Green Valley Ranch? Never been Vegas cus no more 5Gs to waste!) Anywho was about a little person named Shorty managing little people actors. Was pretty cool. Wasn’t poker related but I liked it. I’m trying to train my pack with Cesar Milan’s help so I watch how others manage their dogs. (Watched some dog agility show during the Colts game. Like when them dogs jump for distance into the pool. MEAN!) This Shorty guy is pretty entertaining. He’s a BOSS! And he rescues pit bulls from jerks that don’t take care of them. Was pretty mean watching him almost scrap with a popolo guy. I know the popolo guy wanted to kick his butt but was all like “can you hit a little person?” Only watched one episode so who knows if the show is really dope. But this Shorty guy is a character indeed.

Big ups Bamp!

This post can be read by everyone. BUT THIS POST IS FOR ME AND KAVET THE CATALYST! MOTIVATION! and if it motivates you too then NICE!

Hit+Run/Stones Throw Records release of MADLIB’s Medicine Show Double LP.
If you in LA go to the show tonight. And get me a copy or two.

Hit+Run got hustle! Stones Throw is pretty ok too.

This is Gordon Rider. A character created by Jon J. Murakami, based on fiction about a real person named Gordon. Here’s Jon and Gordon.

Jon is hella talented. Does local greeting cards and illustrates anykine stuff. Also got an online comic strip for Oceanic Time Warner’s website called Online Aloha. But this is all about Gordon Rider.

Jon based Gordon Rider off old japanese tv shows like kikaida and kamen rider.

I think after the second time I went to Mechahawaii I actually noticed drawings on the white board that looked like this. Skills with a crappy dry erase pen indeed.

It was attached to an actual comic strip. Too bad I didn’t know what the story was. I was behind and didn’t go often enough to get updated. Then one visit I actually seen Jon drawing the storyboard live. Impressed I was being the comic book fan I am. All this digital photoshop/illustrator crap don’t hold nothing without OG drawing skills! Gotta be handy with the lead, if you know what I mean, earn your keep! ILLUSTRATORS mount up…. it was a clear black night, a clear white moon….hahaha nope.

Then one day I walked in to Mechahawaii and seen this on the shelf.

Now I still have a dream to have my own comic book. Even if only one issue or something. My own comic book. Ever since I picked up them Pineapple Man issues (Hawaii comics you don’t know bout.) But here’s Jon with his strip that he converted from white board drawingings into pages like this. (Taken from the strip above)

I didn’t have the balls to talk to Jon till Bruce introduced me at Split Obsession a while back. Jon knows how to make a mobile office (something I kinda know how to do) and he got nice sense of humor. Exhibit A.

Three years of chatting it up with Jon and visiting Mechahawaii I never bought an issue of Gordon Rider. Then last week after visiting Mechahawaii and not finding something I wanted to buy in my pricerange (THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING I WANNA BUY AT MECHA! Just don’t have the funds…. working on that!) I actually bought all three issues of Gordon Rider. Yeah I had Jon sign um cus I’m like that. I make everyone sign everything (except wax…dunno why). Here’s the latest issue….#3

Support local comics and pick up all three copies. Current episodes still on the Mechahawaii white board but pick up the hard copies at Mechahawaii in Kaimuki and Split Obsession in Ala Moana and Koko Marina.

Gordon Rider: the comic also has a facebookpage here