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Monthly Archives: November 2009

A while back I was hanging outside Split Obsession waiting for the store to open so I could buy a Joe Ledbetter Dunny. There was this guy pacing the store front wondering what’s going on. I didn’t know who this guy was. After the store opened at 10am he bought his Dunny and ran out the store. I did the same as well as a few other friends and ran to Kaimuki to another store selling the Dunny at noon. After buying a second Dunny we all left. That night we all talked about it on the stores online forum. First time I met Haynmade. After several meetings at art shows and toy releases the Kaimuki store hosting the forum went out of business. The forum was still running but I knew it was only a matter of time before that shut down too. I was talking to Haynmade about it and he was like “Somebody should make a Hawaii toy forum, maybe you?” No way I was gonna do a toy forum. After some convincing he created 808 Orbit. Haynmade met Marine on the forum and he purchased some toys that Marine designed. That led to “Feed My Tummy” custom show coming up on Dec. 1.

Some of the biggest names in the art world doing custom figures for this show. Pocket Full Of Monsters crew got a bunch of people doing the show like Scribe, Angry Woebots, CkaweekS, Newkon, Peekaboo Monster, and 2H. Pancho Abalos also helping up the number of Hawaii artist in the show of 15 customs. Super stoked. Big ups Haynmade.

Check out for info.


First off, this weekend save 25% on Lightsleepers shirts at In4mation Pearlridge all weekend.

Second, sale at the Lightsleepers online store. 30% off everything. Shirts and cds. Code is MAHALO. Ends soon


I had a hankerin for some FRESH CATCH smoke meat and onions. So I decided to take my cans and bottles and recycle them over in Kaimuki. If you recycle some bottles they give you a coupon on your receipt for 5% off Fresh Catch for Hi5 recycling with them. MEAN! So I went at 9 and guess what. THEY OPEN 10AM! BOOO! What they no can open early like okazuya? Well I went recycle my stuff and needed to buy some water so I went Kapahulu Safeway. Still hungry I went looking for breakfast. A glance at the donuts made me run to Leonard’s. Kapahulu lengendary spot! Yeah I bought haupia malasadas. Yeah had japanese people and for some reason choke parking too! I also had the urge to slap some Lightsleepers stickers.

This pole gets covered with stickers. Notice the paint missing from the stickers they took down. Ever since they redid the sign they’ve been diligent to remove them stickers when they pop up. Yet they keep rocking that Aloha Served Daily sticker from the FITTED Crew! SICKEST STICKER EVER! Make a sticker that is unoffensive to everyone. If somebody put that sticker on my establishment I don’t think I would be bummed either. Helenas got theirs running strong. They took the one at Rainbows down but I think the bank did it, not Rainbows. Always think about sidebusting it but I’m worried that they gonna take my LS sticker down and the FITTED one too if they gotta go up that high. That don’t help nobody.

These two signs make me happy. Stop sign gonna continue to get murdered. Malasada pick up=sticker put up? maybe. Second sign. KAPAHULU AVE! THAT’S WHAT’S UP! Raiders, Wall Rats, & Rainbows! CHEE!

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This turkey day I got lots to be thankful for. While I was cleaning Waikiki Beach with the Kicks/HI crew and Vezzen i was feeling kinda bad for the homeless people. I have never been homeless. I’ve been poor but I always had a place to stay. Thankful I live Hawaii! Thankful for great friends and family. Thankful my health is ok (getting better…gonna be super sexy soon…maybe….nah). Thankful I’m alive. Thankful Jesus died for OUR sins and I can go heaven. Thankful Kavet gave me a chance for be a partner in crime. Thankful Lightsleepers is pretty dope and thankful to all who support dope underground hiphop.

In this thankful time no forget what’s important. And don’t forget the importance of helping others. Being a blessing to others so that you can be blessed. From dropping some change in the bell ringers bucket to feeding the homeless, picking up some trash or teaching the keikis, or buying a skateboard deck or donating money at DECK THE HALLS DEC 11! (ok shameless plug…I’m thankful you read my blog!) do something to better someone elses life.

With love, Lofa

PS. I’m thankful turkeys aint that smart so I can eat um! (See pic^^^^) Oh I can’t wait for cook one this year. I’m pretty good! Thanks food network!

Remember when Mr. J held his Roses n Revolvers art show at Prolifik? Well Micah finally decided to open his shop TODAY! And guess what I TOOK THAT SPOT OVER SON! Today only. LOFA DAY at PROLIFIK PROJECTS (939 McCully St.) And I like make sale just cus I can. $5 OFF ALL SHIRTS! New shirt designs from Shaun Castro, KOAK, and Eukarest just to name a few. Stop by and say hi to me! 9AM- 4:30PM Bumping dope G Bo the Pro & Rei Double R mixtapes all day. CHEE!

Crap I might just MAKE some new shirts if I get bored. WRITERS NEVER DIE!

Come TRUE!

Featuring Pancho Abalos, CkaweekS, and Newkon.

Last night the hoards of New Moon minions waited in lines to watch the midnight showing. I never watched the first one because I heard the story of vampires and wherewolves before somewhere else….oh yeah……….UNDERWORLD!

Only vampire things i like are Count Chocula,

Seasame Street’s Count

And Humble Soul’s Damn Vampire song (yeah nicole! they playing the Shack waikiki saturday)

And how the hell vampires not die in the sun? Imma stick to Harry Potter (Half Blood Prince bluray/dvd/digi set on preorder now. releases dec.8)

AND NO I DIDN’T WATCH IT IN THE MOVIES. SAVE $9 and use that to pay 3/4 of the DVD price fools! And watch them over and over and over!