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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Luke 2:9-12
And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear. (10) And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy that will be for all the people. (11) For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (12) And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”

Jesus, reason for the season.

Thanks for viewing my random rants and ramblings. Wishing you a Merry Christmas this holiday season. With love, Lofa.

FYI tonight…


Now I don’t know why but I love tribal shows. But not the ones where the haole guys try become one of them. They dumb and was getting all high off their crazy tribal drugs. Peer pressure is a mofo! A while back the Travel Channel went to Pentacost Island and followed the Bunlap people as they did their crazy land diving off towers with yam vines or whatevers. That was my favorite show. I watched it every time they showed. Then they started hyping up “Meet The Natives: USA” and I was like “Yo they gonna bring them to the USA and freak them out!” Ends up these guys from Tanna, near Fiji in Vanuatu. They Melanesian like the Bunlaps. Still I love this show MORE! They hella funny. Heart warming as they search for Tom Navy and end up having to settle for meeting Colin Powell instead. Mean. Well the season is pretty much over and I watch all the reruns. Wondering if they gonna take them to other places? And wondering if laplap tastes good like haupia or kulolo…….

Read more about Meet The Natives on

Well next friday is Christmas. The celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus. Well my church gonna start celebrating this Sunday. They know people got reasons to not come on Christmas cus you sleeping in or you opening gifts. Mostly they want you to enjoy your friends and family. That’s the most important people you got. Well this Sunday is the beginning of Christmas services. Today is a big day for me and tomorrow i got a wedding to go to so today is the only time for do this. I would love to invite you to service this Sunday. If you go your own church or what not that’s cool, go church! If you don’t go church and you want to check out a service then stop by. If you don’t wanna go church at all I understand that too! This invite is for one and all. If you accept it cool, if not, then cool beans too! I’ll be handing out programs at the 7:30 and 9:00AM services. Stop by and say hi. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Started a new class yesterday, but had my last school day for 2009! This what furlough friday feels like? Anywho.

Honolulu Weekly did a little ditty (cus they really want to) on the backside of yesterdays paper bout Deck The Halls.

Read um here

Seen the new Lightsleepers splash pic

Makes me miss Rred Elephant & Studio 1. I don’t miss paying rent for the spot out of pocket after the event is over. Thankful for Easy Music Center Beatroots! (Next one in Jan!)

Lurked Her birthday is friday. Party at Fresh Cafe. Hows this moke with the pimp action! CHEE HU!

Painted a pillar today and waiting to eat my Mana Bu’s 10 grain musubi and pasta salad! Namaste Muthatruckas!

And just imagine. Omega Cix defeated Dose One how many times? Where’s the album my okinawanolopop! Starting my prayer request to make the themselves show in hawaii soon!

Throw it all in the papers! Wrap it up!

Deck the Halls is a wrap! CHEE HU! Sent me to the hospital for raising my blood pressure! Before I start my mahalo list I gotta say a HUGE mahalo to my sponsers for my Jump Rope for Kenny kinda deal. Sounded impossible to collect $2 from 150 friends and fam. I think I have that many friends (I hope) but luckily I know people with big hearts that donated above and beyond. I know me and ktc and others did their parts to make Deck The Halls possible but I never want anyone to say Lightsleepers didn’t do their best to help Kenny! I gotta thank Kenny for being a great motivator! It was an honor to help a homie. DON’T FORGET YOU OWE ME A DOPE SKATE VID PART! Next APB video or something! The Stuggle 2! Gotta thank my Jump Rope for Kenny sponsors (and I never do nothing in return for their donations. I told you, BIG HEARTS!) Here’s the list: Super huge mahalos to the crew at Cardiology Associates in Queens POB II and Pali Momi :(thanks babe!) Anonymous, Brian N, Nancy G, Barbara H, Janae A, Ricky Z, Ron K, & Mimi E. Thanks to my girls friends Mary Ann, Evangeline, and Richelle. My boys at my mens group David, Jerico, Mark, and Kav. The rest of my sponsors Benny, Kinohi, Micah, Jandi, and Jessie. Was able to raise more than 1% of Kenny’s bills before the show was even set up! CHEE!

I have to send a huge mahalo to the Manifest crew for helping to set up the show: Justin, Lucky, Mandy, Char, Kavet, and Vince for helping to take show down. Thanks to John Hook for the dope photos for the rest of the world to see.

Thanks to the show sponsors for making it possible. RedBull for paying for the decks. APB for getting super dope decks! FITTED for making the rainbow and S rails for the demo and making sure everything was all about KENNY! In4mation for the flyers and super Big Ups to FIBES for designing sick flyers! Contrast mag for the promo! NMG for that huge full page add! All the people that helped spread the word:Huck Mag, Spanky Stokes, Toys R Evil,, Vinylpulse, Solitary Arts, Clout Mag, atypicalLIVING,, Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star Bulletin, Midweek, Metromix, Shoots Brah,, Format Mag, Olde Ivory, Prolifik, Plastic and Plush, Vinyl Addiction, and everyone else that helped to spread the word. Thanks to KTC, Oliver Twist, and Vezzen for providing the music.

Thanks to all the artists that participated: Martin Hsu, Angry Woebot, Katch1, , Daves Action, Soker, CkaweekS, Jessico, KOAK, Justin Park, Newkon, Eukarest, Lucky Olelo, Melon James, Amanda Garcia, Jef Hartsel, Matt Tapia, Ryan Lau, Jeremy Strength, Mako Ozaki, Jason Menor, Pancho Abalos, Philippe Anthony, R-Zone, Janel Natividad, Shaun Castro, Dyson Ramones for Blue Hawaii/Eighty Four Skate, Phoneticontrol for Oasis Skate, Ross Skates, Beak03, Evil Genius, Reak, Chris Kam, & Kenny Brimer.

Thanks to everyone who bought a deck! Thanks to all who came! Thanks to all who donated to fill the Kenny Bear. Big ups to Eighty Four Kalihi who will display the Deck The Halls decks in their gallery for people to purchase.

Double thanks to Kavet for all the stress and BS.

Triple thanks to Jesus who made all this possible and helped me be a blessing to others because he blessed me.

With love, Lofa

PS. Go see for pics cus i never take any. Anybody got vid from the skate demo?

Well it’s finally here. After the rollercoaster of things the Deck The Halls show is finally going down. Come through Manifest on Hotel St. Free! Go see Brandon Biebel and the boys at APB then come manifest after. It’s free. All you under 21 peeps come through before 9 and check out the decks. If you want to buy a deck bring some money (Decks starting at $100 and up. Cash only) If you don’t at least bring a dollar and help Kenny pay for his medical bills and fight leukemia. Thanks to everyone who sponsered my fundraising. Kenny getting all that first thing friday afternoon. But bring a dollar for Kenny! Every little helps. He got $30,000 in bills. The skateboard decks are hella dope too! You need some one of a kind Christmas presents this is for you. Guaranty ACTION!!!! Ask your husband or wife! Happy Holidays!

Thanks to APB, FITTED, CONTRAST, MANIFEST, IN4MATION, REDBULL, and all the artists for making this possible.
-With love, Lofa

Watch um right now on

Eddie would go!

PS. Still collecting donations for Kenny! I’m 2/3 the way to surpassing my goal. Please support and help a homie! Mahalo!

Mileskiii getting big! Well his mama made this mixtape for his daddy that got the breaks. If you didn’t come to Mighty 4 you missed out on a good jam. Maybe I gotta start fundraising for bring the Jones for Inertia in May (Jus you would love that!) Well go download the mixtape HERE and see Koltrane’s cousin on Mama Feel Good’s Blog. I know he gonna rep Frisco but he better get used to reppin Kunia soon! Or Waipahu?

So the homies at Kicks/HI had a beach clean up at Kaimana Beach a while back. Now I always want to help others and our ‘aina as well. I missed the Hui beach clean up (I miss it every year cus I no like go North Shore and fight traffic in the winter) and when the crew at Kicks said they doing Kaimana I had to help. First it was near my hood. Kapahulu. Go sneak in some breakfast from Rainbows. Win. Second was cleaning near my beach. WALLS. Never considered myself a wall rat but they was all my boys growing up. Third Kicks was giving away 50 snap back hats that were HELLA dope. Crap if they was a five pannel i woulda rocked it. Gave mine to KTC so he can wear um with the D. Lee OH! Lightsleepers shirt coming soon.

So me and Vezzen headed to the beach on an early Saturday morn. This is a pic of some of the trash that was collected. I thought wasn’t gonna be lots to pick up cus they got city n county crews to clean up the park but the mass of tourist keeps the trash flowing and the workers only take care of the big stuff visible when you drive by. The bench that served as Kicks/HI Waikiki homebase had thousands of cigarette butts and beer bottle caps within a three foot radius of the table. Coulda just stayed there and filled half a bag.

Part of the Kicks/HI crew

Fellow do gooders

The Lightsleepers posse helping Mother Nature. Me and Joe had fun cleaning up stuff. Was trying to find the most randomest piece of trash to pick up. I found it. I picked it up. Story is too gross to post. So gross some tourist that seen it was yelling “That’s so gross!” She lucky I never leave it for her to step on. Then make things weird KITV4 was doing a story bout the homeless camping at Waikiki and next thing I know they shooting us picking up trash. Wonder if they thought we was homeless. I’m greatful I’m not but I feel bad for the people that really are.

Big ups to the Kicks/HI crew. They gonna do another one soon. Lightsleepers ohana gonna be there to lend a helping hand.