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Monthly Archives: May 2011

First thanks to everyone who made Inertia 8 dope. Super mahalos to Pastor Clint, HCWO & GBC youth volunteers, Fumanchu, Mighty 4, Freelance, Affiliated JusJones & DJ Enjay, D-man, Remedy, BRADDAH JEFF!, E.T., Jedi, Vezzen, Gary, Travis & his homie, and the mop team. Double shout out to Slick & the Dissizit Crew (he took care of the writers and the b-boys. I don’t know how writers do a piece for the blackbook battle and don’t enter cus you see doper stuff. EVERYONE GOT A DISSIZIT SHIRT WHO ENTERED! Sucks to be you!). Inertia 9 May 2012. Don’t sleep! Now to the real post.

Some people think I’m a hard shopper when it comes to getting me a gift. I don’t think so but at the same time I’ll buy what I want immediately. I like random stuff. Some expensive. Most reasonable. Some super cheap. But how do explain to someone that I like Ashley Wood’s 3A Heavy Bramble but not the Dropcloth (don’t it look like a malo?). Well here’s something I planned on buying myself. Chris Ryniak is a dope artist and created the Muscamoot (above). Now for the last two years I’ve been hunting for one. Last SDCC it slipped my mind and I couldn’t find the booth and I didn’t get one. Then they sold blank factory rejects online but I didn’t have money or a paypal account. Then I was happy to learn that Rotofugi in Chicago was releasing the Rainbow Sherbert version the day after my birthday. I told myself I gonna buy it as a birthday gift to myself. Didn’t tell anyone. Less than 100 available. First sold in Chicago, later leftovers to release online. Unfortunately Timer/Angry Woebot had his Inkspills battle at Fresh Cafe on my birthday and I OVERSLEPT! By the time I woke up they were sold out. After making a few calls to Chicago I accepted the fact that I didn’t get one. Muscamoot you may have eluded me once again………for now…………..too be continued…………………………….July *wink wink*


Well it’s time again for Inertia 8 b-boy jam. My official birthday party and the one B-boy Jam me and Kavet will always commit to definitely. What started as a jam in a dance studio at University of Hawai’i turned into my birthday party where hopefully it will be world renouned as big as Freestyle Sessions or Battle of the Year? Maybe not but who knows. Jesus hooked it up this year. Cros1 & DJ Jaba One coming in for Freestyle Sessions HI with a bunch of cats so we had to move Inertia 8 a week up. Cros1 has been doing his thing for the b-boy community for YEARS and I gotta thank him for doing so (buy the new FSS DVD at Freestyle Sessions Hawaii 5/28). They gladly okayed the winners of Inertia 8 to get free admin to Freestyle Sessions HI and a round two bye. From what I hear the FSS HI prize is a trip to LA to rep Hawaii in the major Freestyle Sessions 2011. SICK! Also because of FSS and the homies at Mighty 4 (Paulskee/DJ Une) we gonna have Waipahu native and Lightsleepers breaks dj Jus10 aka Jus Jones aka Robot Jones spinning at Inertia 8. Me and Ktc always want him to spin Inertia, but I think he only did 3 times cus we broke and can’t fly him out. (We should start saving to bring him back Inertia 9 May 2012). Timer/AngryWoebot is home as well so it’s good the crew will be home for the Jam. I’m glad that Hawai’i b-boys/b-girls support our jam, and super glad that other b-boys from other states and countries are slowly hearing about our jams. Crap we even had Mos Def stop by one year. Win!

I gotta say its all possible because of Jesus and my friends. I can stay here and list all of them but this would become a rant. Have you ever tried throwing an event by yourself. Not possible. One person can make a difference but a group of friends make bigger differences (and is more fun too!). Speaking of friends a couple of them started Breakfast for Dinner Wednesdays at Fresh Cafe/Loft In Space and Woes had his Inkspills Marker Battle kickoff. Super dope to have a prebirthday party (on your birthday) for your actuall birthday party (after your birthday?). Thanks everyone for making it a good one. Here’s the final art.

See you Saturday. Don’t forget its a fundraiser for GBC Pearlside Youth Ministries and HCWO Jr. High Ministry. Only $5. Jesus loves the keiki, Lightsleepers do to!

With love, Lofa.

ps. I guess this still looks like a rant! hahahaha

I’m a big fan of actual print. I love magazines. Don’t like e-books or electronic reading stuff. Yeah internet is cool and bloggy blogs (irony you reading this one at the moment) is ok but tangible things always overrule the digital stuff. If you can’t read it while dropping bombs in the toilet then nevermind. Got the new issue of Flux in my mailbox the other day. Super interesting read. Yeah Hawai’i got talented people (I should know cus most of them is my homies). Great to see people like John Hook, Angry Woes, DJ Delve, and others rocking their skills. Great articles about Ted and his music, Jerome James and his family (I gotta take them drum lessons from his pops!), and recap of Pow Wow Hawai’i (Mr. Jago next year CHEEEEEE!). I usually read a mag twice then donate it to the library or give it to a friend if I not gonna keep it. This issue made my keep pile.

I one day hope to get my opinions in the front sections of a mag like Flux (my real hope is to make Giant Robot…can we make that happen Eric Nakamura?). What piece of art I would want? Maybe a hand painted Reyes x El Mac? Or an Os Gemeos character painting.

I got so behind on my bloggyblog and I don’t know what I can do. I got updates galore that shoulda went up. I try tomorrow to catch up. Tonight I see you at Next Door

PS. Shout out to the crew at Space&Sound. Taking risks and new directions. Sometimes you get closed minded or set in habbits. Smashed some Ted’s pies and Macky’s shrimps with Free The Robots. Hella cool cat. Now find out why he gets to chill in Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore and has an away gig every weekend this year. He got his hustle right.

Next year I’m flying my koi! I no more kids but I gonna fly um!

Pow Wow came and went. The videos are finally being edited and finished and I hope an actual documentary/DVD will be made? Now Pow Wow opening party i was ok…..but like Meggs in the video says “it’s all about the process”. My blackbook and sticker collections were increased with dopeness because of Pow Wow, but sometimes it’s more about watching the paint dry and the painter putting it up rather than a final piece. The next Pow Wow should be pretty dope. I know Angry Woebots will be repping for the Hawaiians among the 20 artists being invited. Jasper Wong got a kickstarter page HERE trying to raise $10K for the event. I gotta say I owe it to this past event to help out. I got my picture taken by Suitman, every artist hit up my blackbook, dope stickers from Meggs, 123Klan, Kamea Hadar, Aaron De La Cruz, and others, MEETING WILL BARRAS(Mr. Jago next year please?) and the biggest honor was Prime painting my name under the royal peacock (and the lightsleepers too! AND AIGA! HIGH CHEIF XL!!!!). Can’t wait for next year’s event.