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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Passed on yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. Said hello manapua and pork hash. Not so healthy but ono as hell! Well I guess down town office types eat manapuas for halloween cus look like white jackolanterns? Who knows. I like when a business is so dope everyone wants it. Glad don’t gotta worry bout bad economy shutting down my manapua shop. word. BUT I DISLIKE ALL THE DONKEYS CAN’T WAIT IN LINE FOR MANAPUAS WHEN THEY STILL COOKING! Had buttloads of phone orders from before i got there and then a handful of people before me in line that ordered. The donkeys was a few peeps behind me. First Char Hung Sut only got 12 items or so on their menu INCLUDING WATER AND JUICE. 12 items. These fools asking for all kine stuff they don’t even make. Sushi? Go Mitsubas or something. Manapuas, pork hash, pepeiao, half moon, gau gee, chow fun, , mataisoo, rice cake, black sugar, gon lo mein, water, juice, pau! Then they had nerve to complain saying they in a hurry. Homie over there (bruddah surfs kaisers! CHEE!) told them if you no can wait don’t order. HAHAHA. Everyone else waited. You not special and you never pay extra or BUY CHOKE! Eight manapuas. C’mon Son! Get the kuffa outta here! Supply and demand! Mastered by the manapua man!

Happy Halloween. I know you not doing nothing but lurking the internet (if you not furlowed!) so go download this paper candy dish at Castleforte and load the m&m’s or snickers inside for your coworkers!


stirs up memories of chee!
Just lurking his site.

Headed to Kaimuki with my homie Rotch. I used to run all over Kaimuki back when I lived Kapahulu or went school St. Patty’s.
Up the steps to Stortos. Had to try it but at the same time I was more stoked to slap the door. I rather make the trip to Haleiwa. You townies stay here. Was still good. Was tweaking on the KPOI stuff like the mic and the concert posters.
Grab the door! Crap buggah crooked.
Half of my Rocky Point before I murder um! Papaya dressing all in yo face!
Boats n bros!
Headed to Gecko Books. Haven’t been there for a while and thought they went out of business. They moved to other side of the block. Still smells like the funky incense from the psychic mystic store that moved across the street (but if they moved across the street rent must be expensive but must be cheaper than old Geckos.) New store looks good. some good stuff. Plush Bone. Hammer of Thor. D&D. Comics. CHEE!
Stopped by Mechahawaii in search of Grimlock. He sold out. Settled for Megatron the GUN not the PLANE! Ate some candy. Forgot to buy ice cake.
Picked up a friendly Samurai. He’s an eraser. Can fit on your pencil or your macbook. Only a buck at Mechahawaii. Mean!

Kaimuki. You pretty ok.

Step your game up! Johnny Cupcakes strikes back with TIES! Everyone makes button up shirts, no biggie. But Johnny Cupcakes making ties so you don’t feel held down in your monkey suits. Word.


For your fall festivities Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr. Toast, got plush Candy Corn for you. Comes in regular, dracula, and indian corn (below). Check out The World of Mr. Toast and grab some! I LIKEY!

Thanks to ToyBreak for the review of Candy Corn!

Your pumpkin sucks compared to this. From

After a little Sunday tv watching and searching through the buttloads of crap on cable mixed in with movies i like such as Nacho Libre and American Pie I happened to catch the return of Hawai’i Goes Fishing. I love fishing shows since back when Harry Kojima and Stan Wright (Yeah Chris! PS-go fish with Stan or Chris at used to host Let’s Go Fishing and when Mike Sakamoto had Fishing Tales. Well Hawai’i Goes Fishing is back on with a trio of hosts and an hour of fishing goodness. My favorite parts is the cooking demo. What you gonna do when you catch the ‘ulua or one big mahimahi? I never catch neither of them. Caught some rockfish on Big Island with my sister and the occasional manini. I no eat manini. I eat uhus! Mayo, onion, portagee sausage or lup chong for days!

I dunno what happened and why the split but Let’s Go Fishing still running on KHON2 with Ben Wong for 30 minutes on sundays at 5:30pm. Hawai’i Goes fishing with Cindy, Dave, and Margot on sundays 5pm and run for an hour. Sundays belong for fishing shows indeed. I don’t favor one over the other. As long as the fishing is good and the recipe is dope I watch.

for more check the sites

Giant Robot turns 15. Chee hu! Eric and Martin’s mag is one of my favorites. The only mag I actually buy every issue. Started reading it because I thought it was a mag about Ultraman toys and other mecha stuff (what you gonna think when you see Giant Robot on the cover? I don’t read Da Kine magazine cus Im hetero but i do reed Heeb but im not jewish) Anywho Giant Robot got the sickest articles, dope artwork, mean otaku stuff (no hentai please!), introduced me to Murakami and Domokun (way before 7-11! lol) and also intro’d me to David Choe before Lucky asked if I like kick it with Dave at Lucky’s tattoo studio in Chinatown. Giant Robot having a mean artshow that runs for three months! Crazy line up. How come Hawaii got nothing this dope. Closest thing was when the Barnstormers came to The Contempo Museum. (That was a fun week. Big ups Dave Ellis, Kami, and Sasu and the crew!) Well congrats to the GR crew and please continue to support them and buy a mag and go to their stores in SF, LA, and NY (or their SDCC booth) and buy something and buy me some stickers. Kudos! PS. Check out the Choebots Dave made! Prints at the show or check out

PS. I hope he comes to Hawai’i this week!

I see you this evening Ricky Bobby!

“Bullshit. Eateries that operate within the designated square downstairs count as food court. Anything outside, of said designated sqaure, counts as an autonomous unit for mid-mall snacking. Now, if you’re going to wax intellectual about the subject…”-Brodie

Did you know you can now purchase Lightsleepers shirts at In4mation in Pearlridge? Last Christmas we were fortunate enough to have our little Pop Up store at Exclusive (Thanks Christina! Check her out at Pearlridge too at the iKandy kiosk). This year you can stop by the new In4mation store and get your Lightsleepers shirts while buying your Aya fitted or them sick in4 windbreakers (that don’t fit me! BOO!). Big ups to all the In4mants. Don’t Sleep! And buy some Menehune Mac x In4 x Aloha Army omiyage!