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Monthly Archives: January 2013

So the other day me and @yogary was spending an hour in Toys R Us looking for a bunny and santa Lego blindbag minifigure and I was thinking about the Lego lineup. I was glad they finally did Marvel stuff after they had DC Batman & Superman Legos but they were missing the mark for me personally. I liked the Harry Potter line and the Star Wars will always be supreme but I could care less about half the stuff coming out. The Hobbit (which Iʻm a fan of) wasnʻt must have Legoness for me and the City stuff was slacking with cool construction trucks recently. Then I get an email today of these bad boys. Maybe thereʻs still hope 🙂
Now I donʻt watch the current cartoon rehash but I just might have to get the turtle figures themselves. Kudos to whoever licensed these bad boys! Hope they make mini bags like my new Batmobile I got from the Target Christmas section (I have more fun looking for Christmas items after Christmas when they marked down for sale fast!). Shredder gonna get you! CHEE! Happy 2013!