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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Some people that read my blog don’t go to and don’t know what’s going on. Then some people that read my blog do. Thanks to both types of readers. Jesus Loves You!


This post is dedicated to KTC and LIVICATED to EP!

Well after rocking a dope set he earns this. Kavet the Catalyst(pictured) is my good friend. Head Lightsleeper. Party Rocker. Producer. Emcee. DJ. Bboy battle thrower. Extra curricular paint activity coordinator. Skater. Pops. Opening act. Fuck he killed that shit last night before the blue scholars show. had DJ Observ and Jarred on Drums. And he killed his MPC. Holy shit. Usually he do three songs of a cd or something and thats it. But fuck he brought it. Had a dance contest. Had non heads hyped. Down to get grimy. Even watched the show from the cut behind the stage next to sabzi in the weirdest spot to watch. If you haven’t yet go cop his cd Television Head on or hit him up at the next Beat Root July 10th(FREE) or at mondays BLUE SCHOLARS SHOW @ UH CAMPUS CENTER!

Well the other day I decided that the cds in my car were getting stale and watching too many zune commercials with the N.E.R.D. background I decided to see if the hype was worth it. So I decided to find the Seeing Sounds album and downloading that bad boy. And I gotta say I like it. Not as good as the first one that I love and i didn’t even give the second cd a chance. Didn’t like the Neptunes album so this one didn’t have high hopes from me. Seeing Sounds aint a must have but its good background stuff. And i like All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom. Worth the $.25 for the blank cdr.

(*note-that’s not a new Kaba Modern guy, that’s Danny sidebusting my pic! HAHAHA Shout out to Arnel!)

HOORAY THERE’S PART 2 TO MY STORY! First I gotta say I’m getting way better at keeping secrets. I get a call from Danny @ Prototype that Kaba Modern has to do a signing at some store at Pearlridge and wanted to go shopping after hours in the store. I’m super stoked. I asked if I could tell Christina from Exclusive/iKandy if she could come too, hook up the chicks with some iKandy, take a pic. So only me and her and Danny and another worker at Prototype knew. Oh I wanted to tell the world but didn’t want the crowds so I told NOBODY! After going to my weekly small group/cell/powerhuddle/bible study/homie meet up I headed over to Pearlridge at 8:40pm. The store that Kaba had to do stuff with was packed. Lines running all over the mall waiting to meet and greet with them. I wanted to stand in line but i decided to have faith in my connect and opted not too. But then seeing everyone with their signed pics of the crew made me nervous. I kinda wanted one and still do. Anywho the mall closed at 9pm. 9:30 just having fun racing the new Shake a Tongue cars from kid robot placing mad bets. 10:00 we start wondering if no deals. 10:30 some of the guys leave including Christina(loose money!). 10:45 we all decide we should take the loss. But just then we get a phone call asking how to get in the mall. Two SUV’s pull up (they rolling like the Sopranos, or P.Diddy, HAHAHAHA) but they came! OH JOY! After a shopping session and small chitchat they headed out the store. Took their pics. Off they went. Super cool guys. Yeah the chicks are dope. Yeah they can dance like a mofo! If you get the chance go check them out. Say hi. AND BE NICE! I kinda feel bad for them cus they getting pimped to do so many things while here on Hawaii. At least they had some fun kicking it with Newkon at PCC. And I don’t feel bad about getting fone calls from him with the “Hello” from Yuri. Or the wakeup call while im sleeping with the “Check out my myspace!” Check out his myspace. He’s on my top friends on my myspace. Be my friend if you hot!

Well due to the lack of water in my house to wash clothes monday and the lack of tv to watch i decided to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal for the 3rd time at the theatres(2 at the dollar movies and I might watch again till the dvd comes out). While killing 2 hours I actually walked around Restaurant Row. There’s few restaurants in the row let alone OPEN ones. But Hokulani Bakery was actually open. They open till 7pm most days. Nice. Just two people running the bake spot. Well I actually wanted to try a Red Velvet cupcake to see if I actually like it. But they were out. Had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting. Was pretty dope. Made with Guitard(sp?) chocolate. Tasted good. Frosting kicks ass. But hella pinner and for $2 I had to think if it was worth it. I mean i can get a box of cake mix for $1 on sale and have 20 cupcakes. But they were good and made from scratch. But not that great that I would go out of my way for it. But I would for a brat from Hank’s Haute Dog!!!!! Shit i should sneak them brats to the movie. I got shitty service from the movies. They wouldn’t let me buy a ticket to a movie that already started and wanted to play games but they don’t let you go untill 30 minutes before the movie. I bought a ticket to another movie and that movie wasn’t ready to go and they STILL tried to make me stay outside. I know I’m paying a buck for a movie but SOME customer service still deserved!

As somebody told me “they aren’t famous or anything”, either way I think Yuri AND Jia are HOT! And shit I aint doing nothing so I decided to go to the 50th state fair. With the promise of founder Arnel (whattup homie!) getting me and the Prototype crew backstage we all met up at the Giant Wheel. But after 6 hours of playing games, drinking expensive soda, trapeze shows, a petting zoo, and trying to not be funky smelling all day I had to submit to not seeing them. With at least 3000 people trying to just get to watch them in two shows and another 5000 just trying to get into the fair i tapped out and headed home. Upon arriving home i get the fone call that they wanted to chill at zanzabar. I thought about it twice but decided to stay home. Hopefully I can pull some connects with upcoming Castle performance and other stuff they rocking with hot 93.9 or maybe my homies from Hypersquad *hint hint wink wink* will help me get the elusive Lofa & Yuri, Lofa & Jia, and Lofa & Cindy pic to post on here. A few sidenotes or random thoughts from 50th state fair.

*I had more fun working at the fairs back in high school/college than being there (Hi Val! Poli!)
*Yeah there was hot chicks but the ratios suck. Hot chicks don’t really like the fair.
*Hawaiians love Kaba Modern and Pig Races- 4 Pig races a day and every one was packed!
*Its still hard to not want to win a 2 liter pepsi or a baby lobster. Yeah they cost $.60 but people still down to throw $10 to just walk around the fair. Kinda like hawaiian bracelets on girls. Status!
*Corn is never worth $4 on sale
*Laulau always smells good.
*Only teens can mack girls at the fair. And where do they get $50 to blow? Somebody stole from their moms purse!

that’s all with love, me. PS. new issue of 808Scenezine is out now or online at

Well my partner in crime Rotch came back from Chicago and had nothing to do so we hit up the movies and watched The Incredible Hulk. Now I never watched the first one cus it sucked ass big time. So this wone made me a bit worried. Shit I wanted to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshal again but i stuck it out. This Hulk was dope. And it had the name amongst names Stan Lee(I hope i meet him at comicon) and Liv Tyler. Wow. Super dope. and Abomination was killer too. And the fact that this is just a lead in to the eventual Avengers movie makes me happy. Buying DVD for sure.

Man i got an addiction to her for sure. Maybe that’s why I watched them ER episodes. Maybe that’s why I got 2 copies of Mulan AND Mulan 2(but then again the first Mulan was a dope movie and I love Chinese things). Anywho I was watching my favorite Japanese Cooking challange show DOTCH on KIKU(Mondays foolios….WAY BETTER THAN IRON CHEF OR THE CRAPPY CHALLENGES FOOD NETWORK DOING…WHO CARES ABOUT SUGAR SHOW PIECES! DOTCH!) and I missed half of the show cus she was on an episode of 2 and a half men(and it was a rerun!). Priorities? Maybe. I gotta give it up to my Chinese great great great great great great great grandfathers for inventing the dopest shit in town. And you gotta agree. They invented Fireworks, gunpowder, chow fun, MANAPUAS, Lion dancing, Shaolin Kung Fu, the great wall, all your toys, and HOT CHICKS! And man Ming Na is OLD too! She got a kid. She’s a real COUGAR! Move out the way Kim Cattrall. Sex in the City my ass! Sex in the rice patty!

sidenote: after posting this and scrolling down my blog 2 things i noticed. #1-Nick Diaz pic still pisses me off. #2 This post PROVES I’m not gay. Now i wonder if gay people like Ming Na like they love Cher or Madonna??? Things that make you go hmmm…….

Well i got to go to the EliteXC fights with KTC, Micah from Prolifik Projects and Uncle Shmertles Hale’s Mc5B. Was pretty good. Kala Kolohe got rear naked real fast. And KJ Noons won. But then asshole Nick Diaz was all give me a shot after he had a SHITTY boring fight. Next thing you know somebody’s posse member push somebody and get scrap in the ring and beer thrown everywhere. All I know is Nick Diaz just lost an arena of fans Saturday. Finished the night with some Spaghetti Factory, some broccoli, and a few glasses of apple juice. Chee hu indeed!

Well today I just killed another Brat from Hank’s Haute Dog. Super stoked. Reading the articles on the wall i find out they trying to make a Waikiki store(good so less people go to the Cooke St. one). Also starting to get hooked on their truffle mac and cheese. Found out that the recipe came from one of Hank Andaniya’s previouse 5 star restaurant from before in Chicago. 5 STAR MAC & CHEESE BITCHES!!!! I’m going again on Sunday before Jimmy Taco’s Record Sale right around the corner from Hank’s.

Also read from Lei Chic that today from 5-8pm all you Kaneohe peeps can get a free corn dog from hot dog on a stick in Windward Mall. Bastards. You live in Kaneohe AND have the only HotDog On a Stick. If you don’t get a free one you can get the finger……the middle!

All you other people soothe your hot dog cravings at Costco if you can’t make it to Hank’s or HDOAS.