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Monthly Archives: September 2008

watch video first. can’t post this flash player on my blog. shitty!
third time posting this video but fuck it its dope. Two things i like. Toys and graff! Sick stuff. Big ups to Marka27. Met him in San Diego. He hit up my book but he also made this dope bad boy. Working speakers and everything! Minigod.


forget dr. Martins. These etnies are sick. Only cus i love Aqua Teen Hunger Force. What I gonna wear with them. And I don’t rock them style shoes. Too low. Back in my hacky sack ASS playing days they would rule. But gotta wear pants i think. No can shorts. I can’t pull that look. Slip on style shoes and shorts. Nope. I would make them look like fins or clownshoes. But if you can rock them do it. Big ups to the HUNDREDS!!!!! I LOVE THE HUNDREDS!!!! VOTED FOR BEN AND BOBBY FOR THAT UNDER 30 Business mag vote. PLEASE MAKE 3XL SHIRTS! I know they don’t read my blog but somebody that does is just a fone call away(I KNOW THIS!!!!! COMMON GUYS PUT IN A GOOD WORD FOR A BIG HAWAIIAN!!!) Well you can read their blog and stuff at Best thing is they read all the other blogs for you and post up the good stuff in the feed(Like these adult swim etnies). Thanks guys. Too bad you didn’t have box cutters but i got that antenna Bomb! YEAH! Thanks NEEEECOLE!!!!

Big ups guys!

I’ma take you home with me! Me and CkaweekS killing the keys! BEATROOT FOOLS!!!!!

thanks Honozooloo for the flick!

Sad to see things go and for some reason they always build a new stadium or arena somewhere down the road and tear down the new one. Yankee Stadium has its fate. I’m sad i never got to go there. Never been to NY but gotta say if I was rooting for a team it would be Yanks and Braves. The only ballpark i’ve been NEXT too is Petco in San Diego. Never even seen the outside or Wrigley in Chicago and i’ve been there numerous times! Well hopefully that will all change.

While looking at Mr. J All Day’s blog he’s a huge Gizmodo fan and i trying to see whattup and seen this guy going anal and replicating the stadium. Read about it here article

“I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.”

Man who don’t love Star Wars. Fuck Star Trek! But i slept on too many crossover toys that came out. Like the Adidas Shell Toe At-At. or the Suru spray can R2D2. But Kaws did a Darth Vader toy last year and SATURDAY drops this Stormtrooper. Oh how I really want this in my collection. Only $175 if your lucky. But I think its gonna be a good $250 to get it in your house. DAYM!!!!!!!!!!

more on Kaws visit

I gotta say next to Kahalu’u i really love Waimanalo. Well I got an invite from my good homie from UH days Amber back a few months ago and saturday she and her new hubby Mitch tied the knot at the Shriners spot in Nalo. MAN THAT SHRINERS SPOT IS SCREAMING THROW A RAGER OVER THERE. Super good time. I mean anything that has dope Hawaiian food can’t go wrong.

And to make things even more dope the Shriner’s spot is right on the beach. Since the caterers were family members too they went beach. Started fishing. Keikis playing. Lucky we live Hawai’i. If I get plenty cash you better believe I gonna get a Nalo beach house.

When I left the wedding we stopped by and picked up couple bags smoked meat from somebodys house. Didn’t know who was. Bruddah was just pounding beers in his driveway. Down the road people selling laulau, pateles, gundule rice, and had one steak and shrimp truck. I love Nalo! Big ups to everyone there! Next time I go sea life park! CONGRATS AMBER AND MITCH GRANITE!!!!!! MAKE MORE KEIKIS!!!!!

Sidenote: Brah if you one wedding crasher you should have came cus had choke mean chicks! CHOKE!!!! MEAN!!!!!!

Well for some reason I trying to get back on eating oatmeal for breakfast and I don’t have any at home. Got to work early so I decided to make my next stop Zippy’s. They got me eating brown sugar with my plain oatmeal. Usually eating maple brown sugar packs from the quaker man but never thought about just plain oatmean and brown sugar from home. NICE! Anywho I’m a sucker for eggs and breakfast at Zippy’s means Portuguese Omelet Sandwich! But I noticed they got a new breakfast wrap shown above and I fell in love more than my usual standby. Could it be so? Blasphemous!!!! But man the wrap got the mean eggs and cheese and sausage. A new love affair. Try it. MEAN! Big ups to Nathan at Zippy’s for sending me the OFFICIAL ZIPPYS PIC above. And did you know they got a forum. Dope enough they mail chili and port. bean soup anywhere, now they got a place to speak your mind. Wow! Kudos!

Check out and post on their forums how I wish they had beef stroganoff more often!

Hire a construction crew cus it’s hell on the engine!

Well Pocket Full Of Monster’s member Luke Cheuh just designed the cover of the newest Fall Out Boy album seen above. While hard core Luke fans don’t like it I LOVE IT! Got one of the dopest artists Luke that made this sick painting

and my holy grail of toys at the moment the possessed

making the album cover for one of my favorite pop bands. nice. Big ups Luke! My crew stays SLEEPLESS! Pocket Full Of Monsters.
Check out Luke Cheuh’s website at

And enjoy this Fall Out Boy video featuring my favorite song from the last album Infinity On High

While working yesterday at Pearlridge there was a crowd of people just watching things for no reason. So I went outside to check on my car and four stalls away A VAN WAS ON FIRE!!!! But the crazy thing is that the car set 2 other cars on fire. Two of them are totalled. on just got a melted mirror and a jacked door panel. Think about who you park next to! FIYAH!!!!!

man this video aint the greatest but shit took only 20 minutes to get posted. When i seen the fire the flames was like 10-15 feet in the sky. not manini like when HFD got there.

Thanks Jesus for keeping everyone safe. If the buggah blew up choke mokes woulda got hurt cus them was super close to the car.