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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Well Saturday I woke up too late for dawn patrol (I don’t wanna surf or bodyboard with 100 people in the lineup. I WILL RIDE OVER YOU! You think i can turn and dodge you begginers….I can….but sometimes it’s fun to go strait!). And with a few hours to kill in the morning my o lady said “why you no go check out the book sale”. Good suggestion indeed. With my vast skills in digging in unwelcoming circumstances to reveal treasures at events like record sales, garage sales, swap meets, the bargain video bin at wal mart, the entire store at Jelly’s, I knew i was bound to get at least ONE jem or something to read. A good book i did not find. A good comic book, yes they delivered. Picked up a few comics i used to read and restarted my collection of PITT and also able to pick up copies of Pineapple Man (local comic book that i used to read when i bought comics from JJ’s in Kaneohe….no stay no more). I also noticed somebody donated their entire comic book collection and about a hundred copies of Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. number 1. i bought some copies. And luckily I happened to go on half price day. Bonus. Glad there’s no record sale this year cus last years one sucked under the tent(i can’t wait!). The guy on the mic at the booksale said they made $13,000 more than last year. Good. Too bad i don’t use the library. I’m Hawaiian Chinese Haole mixed plate! See you there next year. don’t sleep!
check their website!(hey Jorge!)
And if you dunno who Pitt is, here ya go.


Congrats to former UH V-Ball player Raeceen Woolford.
Contest was 30 girls deep. You related to one of them, you just don’t know it yet.

Now this is the most cryptic video that i don’t understand. But Drop Shadower, Pocket Full of Monsterer, and my homie Aaron Yoshino aka Honozooloo is doing an exhibit at Art After Dark at Honolulu Academy of Arts tonight with Airspace Workshop (I LOVED THEIR WORK ON APB’S VIDEO “THE STRUGGLE”! Tim Jackson and Jordan’s intro titles!) Check it out tonight. More info on the website

Yep I’m not a fan but don’t tell Rifleman before he shoot me! Vid shot by Maleko! How’s Rifleman’s gangster shoes. HOW’S JOE DUB REPPING LIGHTSLEEPERS IN LA! WORD! For all you Lake show lovers bump this loud.

Gimme Jess. Sickness!

How’s the Caballero art! He’s one of my fav old skool skaters amongst others like Hosoi, Mountain, and Hawk. Today is Father’s Day and Go Skateboarding Day. Here’s my advise. MAKE YOUR DAD HAPPY! It don’t take much. Get him a dope steak or just feed him. Get a gift he likes (can be cheap as hell but as long as it’s something he loves he’ll be stoked. Li Hing Mui. Ice Cream. Golf Balls. Taegu. Butter Mochi. Shoes from Kicks/Hi($40! Today last day!) Angry Woebots shirt($25 bucks. Men’s sizes S-XL. email me). But make sure you tell him you love him and make sure he’s happy. Don’t be a douchebag and forget about him just because it’s Go Skateboarding Day or because Element is doing a flat bar event at Millzville. You can always skate later. What would be dope is if your dad skated, then you could kill two birds one skatepark! HAHAHAHA Have fun! All you married moms-steaks and two letters work on this occasion very well!

Well this morning I decided to head over to KCC and check out the Farmer’s Market. The only other time i went was when they first started rocking the farmer’s market over there. I gotta say that they truly stepped their game up! It was weird that there’s a little more “Food Vendors” than farmers selling their products but its all good. Good prices on dope produce and other made in Hawai’i products like fruits and veggies, beef, honey, chocolate, salsa, you name it. They had mean grinds like loco mocos, burgers, kalua pig, fried rice, omletes, tomato pizza, sausages, shave ice, pop corn, and bread pudding. Decided on eating Kahuku roasted corn with butter and Parmesan cheese, risoto cheese balls, tomato pizza, salmon fried rice, miso butterfish, and abalones. Abalones are ok. better than opihi but rubbery. MISO BUTTERFISH IS WINNERS! BUTTERFISH IS MY FAVORITE FISH! Wonder if I could catch one. Anywho the market was dope. BUT I DID FEEL KINDA BAD CUS THERE WAS SO MUCH TRASH CREATED BY THE EVENT! You figure they trying to pull the whole “ORGANIC” and local thing but at the same time there was craploads of styrofoam containers and bags of trash just filling up. Was somewhat of a downer on a good time. Either way, Hawaii Farm Bureau fix that problem, everyone else go support! And make sure you leave me some miso butterfish. Man them things flew like hotcakes. (Secret-they sell it at costco but you gotta cook um yourself).

Slick’s studio tour. Mahalo’s Ricky for the heads up.