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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Went to that Big Boys show at the Blaisdell for one purpose only. Get a Christian Hosoi board signed to hang on my wall. Well i get there and see all the homies skating the half pipe. I mean EVERYONE. Sunshine, Ian from Stussy, Ryan from In4mation, Chad from APB, Rob from BayVI, Bronson from Natural Koncept, CHRIS MOFO KAYS!!!! Talk about mean sessions. Then to top it Fricken Kale Sandridge and Christian Hosoi. HO BOY!!!!!

Well i found out that APB was selling the mean fishtale hammerhead reproductions, but Hosoi was also selling his deck through House of Flys. So i ask Christian and he’s super stoked that i came to the show ONLY to see him. Im saying he’s my all time fave back when him and Lance Mountain was killing vert and pools. But don’t get me wrong DAEWON gives Hosoi mean rubs to being all time favs. Any who the House of Flys sell in his deck for $85 and was gonna give me deals at $75. C’MON! I shoulda got the hammerhead from APB that was way cheaper but Flys brough Hosoi and I never like make conflict so i just went home. Did leave with the Lombsbread/Poetree Invisible Kingdom Vol. I and Vol. II.

But i was still small kine bumded out. Still got to meet the legend. That was dope. And I should have put some Lightsleepers stickers on the ramp. Oh well.

Get ready FRIDAY!!!!


Well Today is the day everyone should turn their lights off from 8pm-9pm and help make a difference to fight global warming. Shut the lights. Go sleep. Or sleep with someone. HAHAHAHAHA. No premaritals!

more info at

Man Hawaii people will do anything for cash. Had to be in Pearlridge today and they had casting calls for Deal Or No Deal. No hot chicks. Choke Mokes. Don’t get me wrong, im low on funds too but the crazy clowns that were in the line had no business trying to get on TV. Yeah there was the family dressed in matching aloha shirts and guys trying to buy a home but the drunk alkies didn’t need to make the line longer. I wonder how many Hawaii people actually get on. Watch gonna be one. Hope its somebody deserving of the chance. The execs say they casting for other shows as well. We see. But for me, No thanks.

While I was buying my Tiger Dunny from Split Obsession and Urbanz Toys i thought i would stop by Mechahawaii right across the hall but to my avail it was CLOSED! Sean, the guy that never takes vacation, took a vacation. Well yesterday I went back. And he was open. And he had the load of Transformers and G.I. Joes as well as Gundams and other Gashapon. Well while my homie Rotch was caught by the balls stocking up his Joe collection i got caught and bought Destro

Now i gotta buy Baroness so i can do this stop motion camera steez.

Well the new season started and i am hooked. Been hooked since Laguna Beach days. Guilty Pleasure. Oh well. Makes me think I can hustle the world of fashion. Yet i don’t wanna dress gay let alone act like a snob or a bitch. But hella entertaining to watch these haoles! And I still think Spencer is an anus. Would think that he would learn after watching a season or two of yourself on tv. Don’t live a lie and say “They edited stuff to make me look bad”. They edit what you give them. Live life nice so your tv show makes you look like you an angel. Take it from an asshole. HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah i suppose to make a blog about Yuri not making it and go vote Jabba Wockies but shit they gonna win anyways so lets keep it moving. NO BITCH ASSNESS. Only ass please. I’m a huge Making the Band follower and last night Day 26 and Danity Kane and Donnie was doing their thing on MTV. Croud sreaming “Bad Boy” made me think about the past when Diddy had Biggie and the Lox, Lil Kim, 112, Craig Mack, and they was killing it. New decade and things full circle again. Now i dunno what makes these dudes better than boy bands like NSYNC or Backstreet but when they sang their second single they had that Tony, Toni, Tone kinda Jodeci kinda Boyz II Men kinda joints. WOW. But then nobody better than Jodeci! PERIOD! You needed to request a song on the radio for a girl or make the mixtape High Fidelity style you throw the JODECI on there. Almost as easy as snickers and a card on valentines day! Take some notes fools! YOU TOO MOSES!

Come and Talk to me

Freekin You

Cry For You

Lately (MTV Unplugged)


Maybe Jesus couldn’t sleep in the cave cus the rock was hard so he decided to come back to life and find better place? Or a softer bed. HAHAHA

Easter is the biggest event to happen for all Christians(and everyone else for that matter). More important than Christmas but with egg hunts instead of gifts. Maybe people no like jelly beans and peeps. Anywho if Jesus never die and come back from the dead no way to go heaven cus adam wen eat that apple. But he did. All is good. Heaven here I come. Your ticket is as simple as “Thanks Jesus” and accepting him.

something I no get is they say On the 3rd day he rose from the dead but Good Friday and Easter Sunday is two days apart. Maybe my math is wrong but I no like investigate. Maybe somebody gonna put the answer on discovery channel while I get all engrossed in watching about Templars.

And every Sunday is Easter Sunday. Make that everyday.

Happy Good Friday! He died for you too.


Well I thought I would never want to buy a dunny after buying the Flying Fortress one(cus hey its FLYING FORTRESS! TROOPERS ARE ILL!!!!) but I couldn’t wait to get this Tiger Dunny from Joe Ledbetter. So after an early morning commute to Hawaii Kai i went and picked up one. Now the elusive Blue Stripe Chase figure was the talk of the town. Opened to see if i got it. Nope. Seen orange. Then after they sold out everyone there made the mad dash to Urbanz Toys in Ka’imuki to see if they could PRESS THEIR LUCK NO WAMMIES! Well after finally deciding to buy one for my homie Josh i bought another one. Opened the corner to see if i got it. Seen orange on the ear. Gave up. Then a fellow forumist let me know that only THE STRIPES were blue. Well i opened it all the way and i GOT THE BLUE CHASE! I WIN!

Now im soooo torn cus i think i wanna keep it but the offers are pooring in. TIGER DUNNY RAWR!

Anywho i love colabs between dope artist, groups, lines, whatevers. If one day we can get the Lightsleepers special on the menu at Rainbows in Kapahulu I would be super stoked. Well Supreme (if you havent seen any picks or whatevers) somehow got to colab with Kermit The Frog from Jim Henson’s the Muppets to make a grip of things like skateboards and posters and shirts and this sick Medicom toy. And the fact that I aint got no connects for this SUCKS!

big ups to the hundreds for the info.