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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Emotional ones not like that “Bong hits for Jesus” kind!

Was sick early in the morning so i missed the morning bus to my Aiea office. Luckily i got to jump in the lightsleepermobile and headed out to WAIKIKI. Was bumbed to find out that Chris Benoit was dead. Then i was stoked to see a Magoo’s Pizza bus only to get kicked in the nuts when i find out it was closed

then headed over to In4mation Waikiki(who do you think took that pic for ktc?) was hella dope. And if you got money go cop them Jermey Fish dunks!!!!! or that Maharishi/Futura Sweater. Good thing im fat and can’t fit it let alone sweat in the winter so i dont need a hoodie.

On the way back my homie was thirsty so i went to the ABC store and hooked him up with some water. He wanted me to watch his pet fish do the Salmon Dance. He was practicing for the FatLip show at Next Door this thursday.

after leaving Waikiki headed over to Boarders in Ward. And was super stoked to find this there.

Then i was extra stoked Strawberry Chillata Whip Cream on top stoked to find a pull out poster of this!

im gonna buy another copy just to frame the poster. Jesus loves you!

Ps. Imagine if i had my OWN camera what kine shinanegans i would post. Eat at Shinanegans enjoy the food. Eat at Shinanegans Calvin works THERE!!!


Chicks, Chickens, MMA, and SUMO!!!!

Big ups to BJ PENN for making Pulver TAP!!!!

but the next day i was watching the 2007 Hawaii Sumo Tournament on K5 da home team. And i seen a huge 300 plus sumo wrestler JUMP over the other 300 plus sumotori. Fucken nuts!!!!! If sumo comes back to Hawai’i i gonna be there to watch, Not to wrestle you bastards!!!!!!

go check out for more!

I aint a morning guy but if somebody can get me up then im start making fone calls and doing my thing. Today is nothing but a total geekfest. First getting on the bus to see my art show on the FRONT page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin a huge step in my marketing/promotions career.

Imagine seing this on EVERY BLOCK downtown and EVERYONE on the bus reading the free paper with this on the cover let alone the article inside. GEEKING HARD!!!!
I get off the bus and go to find a Midweek to find out Maggie Q is from mililani. Got to Great Harvest Bread Co. and bought them dope blueberry cream cheese scones(FUCKEN ILL!!!!!) Then come to my ‘Aiea office and look on the Narco Sympo KTC blog to see the LIGHTSLEEPING IS NOT A CRIME!!!! Then while trying to find the article from the Star Bulletin i happen to find out that Blue Rooster Art Supplies in LA posted my art show flyer on their blog. FREAKS AND GEEKS FOR SURE!!!!


Anyways come to my art show tonight. Its called “The Slippah Show”. Have fun. and here’s a few articles about it.

The Slippah Show in Honolulu Star Bulletin
The Slippah Show in Midweek

You come and go, you come and go ohohoh!

he be everywhere. on Kanye’s mixtape. On Guru’s Jazzmatazz 4. and his own album coming july 31(see pic). nice

these muthafuckas all owe me money! nah. just some randomness during a photoshoot for the Honolulu Star Bulletin. Article in Hi Life in Friday’s paper.

Here’s the piece Angry Woebots did.


i don’t think i deserve a lot of things that im blessed with and i don’t like to toot my own horn but man i can watch this five times in a row and still be stoked. Yeah i geek out on shit you don’t even know about but it makes me happy. Like watching Hawaii News on Demand(Oceanic Digital 111 i think) just to see if you made the KHNL news at a record sale trying to get bboy breaks. Yeah i did it. Yeah i was stoked. Now this video that Bunsen “Haduken” Honeydew did for kicks and giggles is ill to me. Yeah see if you made it. Email me and complain you didn’t. But next time take a pic with me or something. When i was young i hated taking pics. I got a grip of me crying as a kid cus i hated pics. Now that i don’t have much old pics im trying to make up for lost time. So if you got a camera, yeah i wanna take a pic with my homies. And dope asian chicks. and dope asian chicks that are my homies. Just be a homie.


for more from the dope GROUNDUP MURAL SHOW check out

Yeah i got it. And i wiped out KB Toys in two different locations. I aint saying this is gonna be rare like them transformers nike free but this is the best mr. potato head yet. Fuck a Dunny get a potato son!

while looking for places to post up Trip The Lights flyers online i happen to be browsing gogo girls and found this pic. Lightsleepers shirts are made for doing anything! Bombing, Bboying, DJing, and GETTING CHICKS!!!!!! Kudos to this guy! Thanks for the support!