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Monthly Archives: August 2009

grab some coffee or some soda or a hotdog or a beer. Say hi to Kimo the party panther and brandon and justin. And maybe lucky if he stay. Have some flicks from the opening night. I stole um from and LUCKY I LIKE ONE LIGHTSLEEPERS LINK FOOL!) Get more pics at them websites. Here you go.
Somebody’s pic of the line outside. This line looks short but was seriously long at times during the night. People went across the street to Bar 35, Next Door, and thirtynine hotel but they swung by sometime during the night. CHINATOWN WAS PACKED! The crackheads must have been mad. How you gonna make sales when the cops keep driving by to get people to actually stand on the curb and not the street? DON’T SELL CRACK! JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!
Oliver Twist! EMO BEAN!
Had lions. I missed them.
Joe G and the Sexy Beast loosing weight in Manifest.
The crowd. Was fun. I still like kicking it outside Dan Brown, MC5B, and your girlfriend….sometimes. And Samuel L. Jackson.


Man i gotta say OPAL THAI FOOD GOT CRACK IN THE PAD THAI! I LOVE THAT STUFF! After a morning in God’s house laffing with/at Pastor Norm i grabbed a Spanish Roll (THANKS AUNTY CAMILLE!) and grabbed my ol lady and her niece and shot up to Hale’iwa. I swear that’s gotta be a lightsleepers semi headquarters next to chinatown. Anywho I had a craving for Pad Thai from the Opal truck cus 1.) da buggah is winnaz and 2.)I seen the owner at Costco Waipio when I was grinding Bulgogi Beef Bakes (sample um cus dunno if gonna be permanent or gonna be bye bye like McRibs) I get to the truck and ordered me two Pad Thais. One for lunch. One for dindin! Oh man. I gonna murder um tonight! Go call that number on the banner and no need wait. But WORTH THE WAIT! I no care if get long line. I want homie to make mad loot selling dope Thai food.


Here’s a video of the Daily Driver Get Together that Alphanumeric and 5&A Dime held in San Diego. I dunno if this falls under hipster stuff or not but i think it’s cool they just got together, blocked all the spots on the 5&A Dime block, and chilled. No naked girls (i think). But people who drive their cars that LOVE their cars. I can’t keep my xB clean for doodoo but these guys rock it nice. Good mix. Good job. Hows the bikes. Daym i wish i had that hundreds 26″ bmx but i aint got no luchini and there are bigger things that need my finances than that. But a 26″ bike is on my prayer list. Gotta make it happen. Cheers! Stay classy Whales Vagina! I miss SD!

I don’t know how it happened but this weekend was paint crazy. Painted Sunday with the boys (thanks guys!) and letting Lead (IMOK, DF) get some hawaiian paint time. Friday night was all about Katch1 and his show at Prototype. I didn’t have a camera and I was focused on retiring my blackbook so no pics. But rumors of Slick coming home for Katch1’s show was floating around. Then Slick actually arrived for the show. Sick. Slick and Katch in the same place. Dope. Then Quest was outside chillin somewhere. Kings of Hawai’i. Wow. Anywho I got a call monday that the Bomb Squad was gonna be painting. Glad I showed up. Great to see Hawaii boys doing good. Check out Slick’s site at and pick up a shirt and all his gear. If I can’t wear a Lightsleepers shirt I would wear a Dissizit shirt. One of my favorite brands and they make 3XL ALL THE TIME! I got an entire drawer of shirts i bought. Still got at least five that I have never worn. Enjoy some fliks. Mahalo’s to Prime for making it happen and to Krush, Dzine, Dmize, Wizdom2, Tina and the rest of the crew.


So the other day I went to Payless Ala Moana to see if they had those STPL x Airwalk shoes. They wasn’t open so I decided to stop around the neighborhood. Somethings change like someone is renting that spot where the Retna and Revok pieces were running. That dope Japanese restaurant went out of business across from El Burrito or whatever that mexican spotic called. And Mr. Mandoo opened up in the old toystore. I didn’t try it as minutes before arriving in Alas i murdered a loco moco from RAINBOWS (lucky told me they got a website so i linked them on my sites list. KAPAHULU REPRESENT!) but my ol lady picked some up for lunch. They had a special for two mandoo and a soda for $6.50. I was like two mandoo thinking of places like Youngs or the kine you get at Yummy’s but these things were big like manapuas. Korean manapuas? They had kimchee, Kalbi, pork, and something else. Maybe the yougurt wars are gonna end and mandoos gonna be the next trend? I dunno. I gotta go back and try. I like their character. Would make sick plush toys and other stuffs. We need a lightsleepers mascot! But give Mr. Mandoo a try and let me know. On Pi’ikoi across from Blockbusters.

My homie John Hook loves toys and taking photos. I like his photos. I like STEAL HIS TOYS! Hows the Jesus pic! Win!
Incase you didn’t know it, Koibito loves to walk around showing off his big one.

If you got a chance check out Johnny’s site at or if you need a photographer for your party or wedding hit him up. Tell him I sent you and he’ll give you a dollar off! hahahaha



Jesus loves YOU!

Super clean!
Pick it up Saturday at Kicks/Hi or St. Alfreds and tell them LOFA WANTS SHIRTS IN HIS SIZE!

Okay that’s not them. But they playing Sunday at Pipeline. Get Emo!

Then Grouch and Eligh go sample um later in September

Not Kudi. He’s gonna poke your face!

Then he gonna work the liquor store

And this aint no nah right or urb or whatever music blog. this just me going crazy trying to finish my paper for class. STRESS RELIEF!