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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Forget Chuck Liddel on the Nickelback album. How about a free event with Robbie Lawler and KIMBO SLICE! FOR FREE! OH MAN!

Cheaper than the nosebleed tickets i bought for the next Elite XC here in Hawai’i!

After the DC skate demo and before Jake’s Next Movement!


while stopping by Jelly’s before rocking Hanks Haute Dogs they had a $3 off cd sale so I picked up this dope hepcat album cus i like the Ska! Weird thing is that i coulda burned this cd for the past 10 years at my homie Rotch’s house but I never. But shit i play the crap out of this in my car. makes me feel good. Not Irie…..good. have a bite!

I hate when this shit happens. Working retail or shopping retail people that mess shit up makes it hard to find shit you really looking for. Like the size shorts you rock at costco or that dope Sinful Things(yeah Joyce! make 3xl already!) shirt at the store. I used to think when I was shopping that “They get paid to put my shit away” but being on THAT side made me shop a little better. And if I’m in your store folding your shit don’t worry it’s cool. You probably give me good hookups so its all love. The guys at the Hundreds(make 3xl PLEASE!) made a video about this subject. Now their store is HELLA small. Didn’t realize it but if I ever get there I’m buying the load of Adam Bomb stickers!

Sorry for taking a vacation but after a draining Bboy Battle(thanks for everyone who made Inertia 5 possible and dope….return in December) and a late night Soulgasm(Jacie we not done dishing) I actually didn’t do ANYTHING! even took Memorial Day off to go chill. Went to both SWAP MEETS and they was both closed. Thought was suppose to be open on holidays. Anywho i had to drown my sorrows at Jelly’s and bouht some wax. Kicked it with DJ Fame. Then on the way out i passed Hanks Haute Dogs and seen they was open. Now i wanted to eat there forever but they got shitty day hours so I never go. But they also got Bratwurst. I never had a dope Brat since ive been to Wisconsin/Chicago areas. But Hanks got it. Yeah kinda pricy compaired to Costco dogs but they got that Vienna Beef Chitown dogs and buns. All imported from Chicago. But SO fucken worth it. Killed a monster like this and wasn’t sad anymore.

Finished with a long drive to Hawaii Kai and picked up some stuff from Split Obsession. GOOD DAY OVERALL!

oh yeah check hank’s website at

Tanks Hawaiian! Congrats!

Well I never expect to get anything for any reason. Christmas i’ll be lucky to get three gifts at most, one coming from my mom. Well my homie LEE!(WHATTUP FOOL!) shocked the shit out of me when he dropped off this weird green guy.

MAN IS THAT INSANE! So far one of the best gifts i’ve ever got. Super stoked. Now im forced into the delema of openning it. I’m torn like an old sweater. Shit imma open it. Not like I’m EVER gonna sell or trade or whatevers. YEAH LEE! so dope that I gotta end the post and show you guys what i bought myself tomorrow.

sidenote: did anybody see the news last night where Joe Moore talking about his contract up and 40 years in the biz and he gonna say whats up today. I know he gonna get extended watch.

Well Started my birthday WEEK with Mr. J AllDay and Christina from Exclusive at KURUKURU. Man poke dons forever! So worth the wait. But i wish they would open early so i can eat one for breakfast. WORD! Anywho I always wanted Birthday partys. But was never really cool enough to have a dope one. Remember having some at McDonalds and my house. Once I had a pizza party at Pizza Hut. But last year I had a BBOY BATTLE with emcees, DJs, Writers, and BBOYS! This year I’m doing it again!
Saturday May 24, 2008! Stop buy. Feel free to bring me a present! HAHAHAHA.(serious) Help out Grace Bible’s Youth Ministry and my homie Pastor Kei(like Pastor Troy….Yeah he can emcee…and he got dope bboy skills…skating maybe….but I take his money playing poker anyday WHEN WE GO PLAY AGAIN!!!!) And this year my homegirl Lyanne from Housing Project 360 must have known its my birthday so she’s throwing a movie premier and a dope event kinda like the old days of dancing at 1739s. ALL DAY! And Don’t Forget BJ PENN FIGHT! I’m trying to finish the bboy battle before the fights start!

Dunanunanunana IRON MAN!

MOVIE WAS PIMP. GO SEE IT. I DID. But the question is who was the REAL star. Robert Downy Jr? Terrance Howard? I think its Gweneth. I love asians but she hella fine in this movie. Just like Shallow Hal (when she was skinny fool!)
Found this pic

when i was trying to find more of this kinda pics of her as Pepper Pots

Ask me which one I like better.

Anywho. Movie is dope. And stay for the entire credits to roll. Snakes on a muthafuckin plane! Maybe HE’S the real star? Now i wait for DVD!

Egan Inoue returns to the octogon, I mean ring. Now back when i used to work at Schlotzsky’s in Ala Moana Egan would always stop by. The nicest fighters I ever met so far. Not like Hong Man Choi that never like give me a photo op. Egan always hooked me up with fight posters(too bad they got greasy and I had to toss them) and Grappling Unlimited shirts and whatevers he could get from the promoters. Well Egan would always come by and eat Pastrami sandwiches after every fight. I use to tease him that he comes after every win because he was unstoppable for a while before Mayhem stomped his ribs. Either way. By then Schlotzsky’s is no more in Hawaii. But Egan returns. Now if I could only get a return of a dope Pastrami with Swiss on Sourdough extra 1000 island. Or a BBQ chicken pizza. Sidenote: I MAKE FUCKEN DOPE BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA! WAY BETTER THAN CPK!(But go eat CPK and tip Tarn big!)

Well Im contemplating going tonight but I not sure. Either way GO EGAN!

Oh you forgot what his skills be like. Have a YouTube.

But you better watch out cus sometimes his brother comes after you. Here’s Enson.

Man this year’s music aint really hitting it. Don’t get me wrong but theres buttloads of wack for that nugget of dope. But I really like the new Grouch album(not the whole thing but a majority). Check out the video for Artsy

Then go get a copy from somebody. Bought mine used from Jelly’s for $6. Nice