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Monthly Archives: July 2011

SDCC has came and went. I finally got back. My recap coming soon. Above is my Muscamoot i picked up (Super huge shout out to Kirby & the Rotofugi crew out in Chicago) which might be available for purchase soon on At San Diego Comic Con they have this prerecorded message saying “There is no running in the convention center.” I ran and picked this up first 5 minutes of preview night. (Kirby if you are reading this I’m sending you a package later cus I forgot to give it to you at SDCC).

I thought I just finished the two big hurdles of the year only to set up even bigger hurdles for me to leap. Don’t sleep! Details soon come.

For now check this video of what a collection of 600+ dunnys looks like (I only have 30 at the most).


It’s that time again. San Diego Comic Con 2011 less than a week away! Slick hitting the con-goers(congoers? sandiegons?) with his H2 Hamburger Hater LA Hands. Only 75 made, 50 at SDCC/20 on Stop by the DoodleBarn x Dissizit x Silent Stage booth 4929 and cop yours. Slick signing Saturday!

Well for a while now I’ve tried to keep my eating unhealthy junk somewhat under control because I’m heading to my favorite Italian spots (and I hope to be there every day for nearly a week!). But for the strangest reasons I’ve been craving teriyaki cheeseburgers. And nothing you can buy from a fast food spot, maybe a saimin stand like Shige’s or a few local spots, but that’s not what I want. I want something either mixed homemade or even those May’s patties (clown all you want but I love those bad boys). The biggest thing is I want it grilled on a bbq or hibachi. I can’t get that smell out of my nose. After all the fireworks watching at the Hilton and Aloha Tower and Ala Moana that’s all I could smell and that’s all I really want. Don’t get me wrong I ate good food watching fireworks (Hooters wings, roast turkey and stuffing, spaghetti) but I still want burgers. I’m way to lazy to camp Ala Moana to make it happen on the 4th and to be honest its kind of a beeotch to grill away from home too! Could have had some tonight but I turned it down to do some homework. Maybe I just miss hanging with friends and family. I’m gonna get them before this month is done for sure. The strangest things you crave sometimes. Maybe its just me. I hope you have a chance to cook it up on the bbq sometime soon. Put some oysters on too! Happy grilling!

Hawaiian people sure can vote to make things happen when they want to….except they don’t like political voting. Go figure. American Idol, MLB All Star Team, Bu La’ia, hahaha

I’m 2 for 3 this weekend for watching Fireworks this weekend. Tonight is final one. Ala Moana beach fun (I go swimming this year before the show) as I normally do for a while. 4th isn’t a big fireworks popping day for me because I no like clean up by myself and most people don’t rock um. But after Hooters wings and tater tots last night at Aloha Tower I’m kinda stoked for tonight.

The other thing I associate with the 4th is Nathan’s hotdog eating champs. Today on ESPN 2PM for all you Hawaiians. But this year got all kine strangeness going on. Women’s category? Nick Cannon? Pepto Bismal belt? Where’s Kobayashi? Eater X doing well? Watch and find out.

Kudos Jaws!

For the past week I’ve been pushing handtrucks and moving boxes for the Friends of the Library of Hawai’i. The annual booksale at McKinley Highschool has been slanging books and more for the past 64 years. They didn’t bring their collection of records, but they had buttloads of books. I’m not a big reader, but I did drop some bucks on a few cookbooks (gonna get my kaukau king action going?) and I started my official collection of Bone graphic novels/books/whatever you gonna call them.

Now I’ve been a big Bone fan since back in the day when I still collected Wizard and Hero Illustrated (still got the Christmas ashcan!). I wasn’t the biggest comic book collector, but I had my favorites (Shadowhawk, X-men, Spidey, Pitt, Maxx, Pineapple Man, etc.). Comics wasn’t cool back then, but you make a few movies that blow up at the box office and now there’s a comic book blockbuster every summer. Back to Bone. I got some Scholastic versions (printed full color) and some Cartoon Book versions (original black n white). The scholastic versions I like because of the hardcovers, but I’ve always remembered Bone being pure black n white. Thinking about getting an entire set (or maybe that big brick…they releasing a 20th anniversary ed. this year). I may not read but I still like comics/cartoons (PS. San Diego Comic Con super soon!).

Back to the booksale. It was pretty fun working. The pic up top is the tent I tried to hang out in most of the time. I dunno why they had an inflatable gecko on the wall. One day I really had to bust my ass to get the books out of the rain into storage. But most of the time I just kicked back and talked with the older volunteers. Glad to see people kicking the trend of e-books and buying printed material. At the same time I kinda felt bad for some of the book publishers/authors/artists etc. These people dream of making a dope book only to be donated and sold for as little as 50 cents. I have a dream of making art books of coffee table/graphic novel/pocket sized nature (no joke!). Soon come. See you at the next book sale (Gonna have records!).